Member Verification Program

NTEA’s Member Verification Program (MVP) recognizes eligible companies in the work truck industry for outstanding business practices and successful implementation of quality standards. Association members are encouraged to apply for consideration. Candidates must provide documentation that they meet or exceed a given set of criteria. Once qualified, companies receive MVP status for a three-year term. Upon renewal, MVP members must again document compliance, ensuring their ongoing commitment to professionalism, industry knowledge and high performance. See the latest renewals and new MVPs.

In keeping with the goal to continuously increase program value, NTEA is enhancing qualification requirements for renewing companies effective Jan. 1, 2022 (this change took effect for first-time applicants in January 2021). Learn more

Key changes

  • Expansion of a required post-sales program criterion (previously optional)
  • Expanded educational credit hour requirements
  • Removal of optional criteria selections

There is no charge to apply as NTEA underwrites the cost of MVP — part of an ongoing effort to enhance the core competencies of its members. Contact NTEA’s Technical Services Department at 800-441-6832 or with any questions.

View current MVP member directory.

NAFA acknowledges the value MVP brings to the industry and has officially recognized the program since 2011. Fleet managers and truck dealers know truck equipment manufacturers and distributors with MVP status have implemented specific business and quality standards and comply with federal regulations.

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