NTEA Executive Leadership Summit curriculum preview

This article was published in the June 2024 edition of NTEA News.

NTEA will welcome commercial vehicle industry leaders at its 2024 Executive Leadership Summit with a full-day program Sept. 24, 2024, and an evening reception Sept. 23 at Saint John’s Resort in Plymouth, Michigan.

This annual conference addresses marketplace dynamics currently impacting work truck industry companies. During this event, chassis OEMs, economists, data analysts and industry leaders will share targeted information, including key trends, forecasts and insights. Content is designed to further commercial vehicle industry knowledge, growth and profitability.

“Executive Leadership Summit provides a forum for industry leaders to come together for strategic discussions on a number of topics related to the commercial vehicle space and learn how to apply insights to their business and operations,” said Jennifer Mitchell, NTEA senior director of content development.

Program lineup

AI in the Work Truck Industry: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges for Your Company
Discover how AI can enhance efficiency, streamline operations and support critical business activities. Learn how this continuously evolving technology can be effectively scaled and deployed by businesses of all sizes, and gain crucial insights into the necessary safeguards to mitigate risks associated with AI implementation. Whether you’re looking to refine your business model or innovate ahead of the curve, this session will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to integrate AI into your business landscape. This engaging session is designed not only to educate but also to inspire action and innovation, ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of the industry in the Age of AI.
Presented by: Johanna Snider, CEO, Blue Cypress
Moderated by:
John Davis, Host/Creator/Managing Director, MotorWeek

Engineering the Future: Considerations in Chassis Design for Upfitters and Manufacturers
Join engineers from leading chassis manufacturers as they discuss the process of commercial vehicle and chassis design for the work truck industry. Discover the stages from minor updates to all-new designs and learn the critical decision points in the development timeline. This session will equip attendees with insights into the challenges and opportunities in the chassis design process. Gain practical strategies for collaboration and adaptation in chassis design to meet market needs effectively.

Presented by: Chassis OEM Representatives

State of Emissions Regulations in the Work Truck Industry
This panel will explore the complexities of CARB and EPA regulations within the commercial vehicle industry. Presenters will discuss how these regulations intersect and the specific challenges they pose to the industry along with implementation timelines and requirements for different vehicle types and classes. Gain insights into how emission regulations impact manufacturing and fleet operations, and how understanding these rules can guide strategic vehicle procurement and upgrades. This session is designed to equip industry leaders with the knowledge to make informed decisions, helping ensure compliance and optimizing operational efficiency in an evolving regulatory environment.
Presented by: Industry Representatives
Moderated by: John Davis, Host/Creator/Managing Director, MotorWeek

Strategic Insights into Commercial Vehicle Data and Trends
Examine the latest trends by vehicle use case, body type and powertrain through a lens of how these elements are driving the commercial vehicle industry forward. Using enhanced vehicle data, this session will offer key insights to assist in making informed strategic decisions by leveraging industry demographics to navigate through the market’s evolving landscape.
Presented by: Andrew Wrobel, Commercial Vehicle Insight Strategist, NTEA

Work Truck Industry Economic Overview and Market Forecast
Gain economic and market information to help optimize business planning processes from NTEA’s senior director of market data and research. Learn more about commercial vehicle industry market trends and how they’re affected by U.S. and global economic cycles. This session includes a North American chassis sales forecast — a critical component of market planning — as well as insights on potential industry challenges and opportunities in 2024.
Presented by: Steve Latin-Kasper, Senior Director of Market Data and Research, NTEA

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