Hercules Manufacturing announces new ownership


Hercules Manufacturing Company (Henderson, Kentucky) was purchased by Justin Wilson on Jan. 1, 2024. Wilson is a Henderson, Kentucky native and former Hercules employee of 10 years. He is now President and CEO following his purchase of the company from the previous owner, Jeffrey A. Caddick who will now be serving as Senior Advisor.

“It’s time to rebuild a foundation that this company can rest on for another 120 years of excellence, I believe we are in the critical stages of doing so as we speak. This ownership transition is just another brick laid to ensure our company is set up to serve our employees, customers, and communities for generations to come,” Wilson said.  

The 120-year-old company is under new management, however Wilson said most of the business model will stay the same. He plans to refresh the brand by increasing community involvement and focusing more on the company’s values.   

Hercules, located at 800 Bob Posey St., specializes in the customization and building of sustainable, refrigerated vehicles. Their portfolio includes customers from the dairy, meat packaging, and food delivery services, and many others. Wilson said they ship trucks to every corner of the United States, but also have several customers in the local region.  

Wilson wants to increase efficiency by automating the customer’s experience, but he said they still want customers to call when they need assistance. Hercules serves repeat customers with large accounts while still providing small business customer service and a focus on relationships.   

Jim Michael, Senior DSD Fleet Manager of Smithfield Foods, commended Wilson’s work, and the company’s customer service.   
“We have been working with Hercules for close to 20 years. I remember the first day Justin started working there. I could see the same thing in him that Jeffrey Caddick saw, the desire to grow, learn and understand everything that he could about the business,” Michael said.  “I am excited to watch Justin take the reins and carry on with the same business model that Jeffrey and those before him created. One where they always strive to make sure the customer is happy, especially after they have received their new truck body.” 

Previous owner, Jeffrey A. Caddick, looks forward to watching Hercules succeed under Wilson’s leadership.  
“In 1957 my father George L. Caddick purchased a controlling interest in Hercules Manufacturing Co. and relocated the company from Evansville, IN to Henderson, KY. Thirty years ago I started coming home to become involved in our family business and 20 years ago I purchased the company from my father,” Caddick said. “1/1/24 marks a new beginning for Hercules as Justin Wilson has purchased our family business and is now the owner of Hercules. Hercules is now his family business, and I am so excited to see what Justin and his Hercules crew are going to do for the next 30 years.”   

“Our team is passionate about our culture and mission, that is what will bring us success in the long run. They continue to move the needle every day leading our company from the front,” Wilson said.  

For more information, visit herculesvanbodies.com

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