WorkTruckCert multi-location functionality

We’ve introduced new roles and features within the program to better enhance your WorkTruckCert experience.

Attention New Subscribers: If you are a subsidiary or branch of a larger parent company, please check with our support staff before registering by emailing as your organization may already exist.

Now, WorkTruckCert companies can be grouped under their parent company, making it easy to stay connected.

With these new features, you can

  • Edit location name at location level and company level
  • Tab over to data entry points
  • Add locations under a parent company
  • Parent companies can view data for subscribed locations

Tutorial videos

Multilocation FAQs

I’m a single location and my parent company isn’t signed up. What can I do?
A single location may operate as usual if its parent company has not subscribed. Once the parent company subscribes, the WorkTruckCert team will help connect locations.

My parent company has an NTEA membership, but not my location. Do I have to pay the subscription for WorkTruckCert?
In order to utilize WorkTruckCert, each location must have a subscription. Please contact our membership team to discuss options.

How can I add a user?
To add a user, click “Administration” at the top left of the screen >> scroll down to location or company admin and click “Location/Company details” >> scroll down and click “Add a user”.

How can I add a location/company?
To add a location or company, click the company name on the top right of the screen  select “Register a company” >> register the location/company.

How can I see which role I’m signed in as?
To see which role you’re signed in under, click your company name at the top right of the screen. From there, you’ll see “Current role: ROLE”.

How can I switch to a different company or location?
To change your company or location, click the company name on the top right of the screen >> select “Change company or location” >> click the desired company or location.

How can I download vehicle data?
To download vehicle data, you must have company administrator access. Click “Administration” >> “Configure” >> “Company Attributes” >> “Download vehicle data”.

I'm a location admin and I can't change the location / state / address in WorkTruckCert?
As a location admin, users should be able to edit company details. We recently discovered this issue and are working to resolve it.