Truck Equipment Handbook

NTEA's Truck Equipment Handbook (17th edition) is the work truck industry’s most comprehensive pocket guide for commercial vehicle components and equipment. The latest version includes updates to U.S. and Canadian regulations, along with an expanded set of industry definitions. This edition also covers the vehicle certification process and regulatory standards applicable in Canada.

“We are pleased to release this new version of the Truck Equipment Handbook,” said Steve Spata, NTEA senior technical assistance director. “Whether you’re new to the truck equipment industry or a long-time veteran, the handbook is a handy, condensed reference guide for all commercial vehicle professionals to cover a broad range of technical subjects.”


  • Fundamental concepts and selection of chassis frames, PTOs, tires and other commercial vehicle systems 
  • Vehicle weight analysis methods, calculations and illustrations 
  • Advanced vehicle and fuel technology descriptions
  • Reference sections on vehicle certification and Federal/Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 
  • Lighting requirements and illustrations
  • Weights and measures 
  • Glossary of commercial vehicle industry terms
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Thank you to Isuzu Commercial Truck of America Inc. for partnering with NTEA on the Handbook to help the industry spec' better trucks.   

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