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Federal Excise Tax (FET) issues can be complex. So NTEA provides the work truck industry with FET information on trucks, tractors and trailers. Our staff engineers stand ready to help members with technical and FET questions.

NTEA is a founding member of an industry group leading the charge to repeal the 12% Federal Excise Tax (FET) on heavy-duty trucks. Repealing FET would reduce the acquisition cost of new trucks currently subject to the tax by 12% and allow purchasers to more readily integrate cleaner and safer vehicles into their fleet. Additionally, repeal would clear the way to better alternative funding mechanisms for highway repair and maintenance.


Get more insight into FET with these resources

Federal Excise Tax Guide
The first and only publication that takes a comprehensive look at the 12% tax that applies to work trucks, tractors and trailers. Sections include information on the “Suitable for Use” standard; the Six-Month Rule; the 75 percent rule; tax-free sales; and more.


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