Truck Equipment Electrical Basics

NTEA is proud to announce a new series of online courses — Truck Equipment Electrical Basics. By partnering with Electude, a unique e-learning platform, NTEA is able to launch this highly informative and engaging series. View press release.

This course series is intended to provide fundamental understanding of electrical theory and concepts in automotive applications to help members of the Truck Equipment industry (upfitters, engineers, technicians and purchasers of OEM chassis) increase functional knowledge of truck electrical systems and components, but not to the depth required to design systems and components.

Course series

This course is the first of several offerings in the series to launch. In it, you will learn how to use a multimeter to measure voltage, resistance and current, as well as safe practices for working with electricity and fundamentals of electrical theory (members $0, nonmembers $49). Learn more and order.

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