Ambulance Manufacturers Division (AMD)

AMD is composed of manufacturers of ambulances, rescue and emergency vehicles, and related emergency apparatus and equipment. The organization, which became an NTEA affiliate in 1986, works to

  • Expand and improve its market segment
  • Acquire, preserve and disseminate information on the role of emergency vehicles
  • Improve relationships with other industry segments
  • Promote new product innovations
  • Assist in development of industry safety standards and programs

AMD Officers
Chair Dave Marshall, Horton Emergency Vehicles Co.
Vice Chair
Gordon McLean, Crestline Coach Ltd.
Randy Smith, Life Line Emergency Vehicles Inc.

Member companies
AMD Standardized Test Methods
Federal Specification for the Star-of-Life Ambulance and associated documents
OEM Chassis Considerations Guide

Mission statement 
Improve pre-hospital care through increased ambulance safety and performance, and provide uniform communication of requirements through outreach to the EMS community. 

Vision statement 
AMD is the leading source for ambulance safety in the North American EMS community.

How to join
To be eligible for AMD membership, an applicant must satisfy the qualifications to be either a Governing or Associate Member. A Governing Member must be an NTEA manufacturer member in good standing engaged in the manufacture of ambulances and/or
rescue or emergency medical vehicles in North America. An Associate Member applicant must be an NTEA associate, manufacturer or distributor member in good standing engaged in associated industries in North America (defined to include United States, Canada and Mexico).  For more information or to join, email Steve Spata, NTEA senior technical assistance director.