Telescopic Service Crane Manufacturers Group (TSCMG)

TSCMG, an NTEA operating division since 2014, is composed of companies that manufacture service truck cranes. The group’s focuses on key issues related to service cranes and work to help improve the efficient building of commercial trucks.

Executive Committee
Chair: Glen Nathan Schiermeyer, Maintainer ,2024-2025
Vice Chair:
Jim Koch, Service Trucks International, 2024- 2025
Ian Lemler, Venco Venturo, 2024- 2025

Member companies
OEM Chassis Considerations Guide

TSCMG general inspection guidelines
TSCMG published general guidelines to aid in the annual inspection of service truck cranes. Developing a uniform inspection form upfitters can use to examine telescopic service cranes has been a key TSCMG priority. This project involved incorporating elements of each participating company’s inspection form into a universal document for truck equipment upfitters to use for service cranes, offering service crane installers a consistent inspection format for increased operational efficiency.

How to join
Membership is open to NTEA member companies in good standing engaged in the manufacture of telescopic services truck cranes and/or an authorized national importer of telescopic service truck cranes, as defined below.

  1. Telescopic service truck cranes have a telescopic boom, the base and mast structure of which is not integral to the stabilizer/outrigger system.
  2. Lifting is typically accomplished via a winch (electric or hydraulic) and its functions (rotation, elevation, telescoping) are either powered or manual.
  3. They typically have relatively shorter boom lengths (10–35 feet) and lower capacities (1–7 tons) as compared to other telescopic boom–fixed cab equipment (e.g., boom trucks cranes, carry deck cranes)
  4. Crane operations are usually conducted by use of radio remote or pendant control with the operator standing on the ground following the load.

For more information or to join, email Bob Raybuck, NTEA director of technical services.

TSCMG Inspection Guidelines
(Adobe PDF File)