Solicitation awareness

Please be aware sometimes other organizations or companies will contact NTEA member companies to sell products or services that may not be legitimate. The Association does not partner with vendors that sell member lists or event attendance databases. If you receive a suspicious solicitation with an offer, please contact us at Below are solicitations NOT affiliated with NTEA or Work Truck Week. View specific Work Truck Week solicitations.

  • ACE B2B Marketing (Barbara Conley barbara.conley@aceb2bmarketingleads)
  • Janet Rosa (
  • Carol Smith (
  • Cathy Williams (
  • Eileen Chen (
  • Jennifer Brunelle (
  • Julia Dixon ( 
  • Sandy Leonard (
  • Robert Park (
  • Diana Wyatt (
  • Sophia Hernandez (Showzhub) (
  • Rainy Forest Networks
  • Tony Hill (Aware Supply)
  • Amy Lovell (Global Marketing) (

If you have any questions, please contact NTEA at 800-441-6832 or