Light Vehicle Brake Systems

This Standard specifies requirements for vehicles equipped with hydraulic and electric service brakes and parking brake systems to ensure safe braking performance under normal conditions and emergency conditions. Manufacturers of passenger cars and multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks and buses with a GVWR less than or equal to 3,500 kg (7,716 lbs.) may certify compliance with either FMVSS 105, or FMVSS 135. The options expired on Sept. 1, 2000 for passenger cars and on Sept. 1, 2002 for other vehicles, on which dates compliance with FMVSS 135 is mandatory.


Trucks & MPVs 10,000 GVWR or Less Yes
Trucks More than 10,000 GVWR No 
Buses 10,000 GVWR or Less Yes
Buses More than 10,000 GVWR No 
Trailers No 

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