ASE certification - truck equipment series

Why certify?
Technicians will be recognized for their competency level and skill. Certification increases their professionalism as they become more competent in certain skill areas in order to pass the test. From the company perspective, it raises the credibility of the business.  It positions the company as being progressive and professional. It makes your business more attractive to prospective employees if you promote and encourage technician certification. It gives employees a goal to shoot for in creating a more stimulating and productive work environment.  And, it adds value you can use to better market your company to prospective customers.

NTEA's role
The Truck Equipment Series tests were written under ASE auspices by a group of 23 dedicated volunteers from NTEA member companies across the U.S. representing managers with strong service backgrounds, first-line shop supervisory personnel and practicing technicians. The questions were developed through six three-day workshops. The project was fully funded by NTEA for the benefit of the entire commercial truck and transportation equipment industry.

Prep guide
The official ASE Truck Equipment Tests Catalog contains the task lists for each test and sample questions to help you prepare and how to register.