NTEA releases series of new resources for members

This article was published in the April 2019 edition of NTEA News.

NTEA recently released a number of powerful products to support the membership and advance the commercial vehicle community at large. Many of these resources were showcased during live demonstrations in NTEA’s booth at The Work Truck Show 2019.

“Changes in technology, regulatory compliance and vehicle design are increasing the complexity for commercial vehicles,” said Steve Carey, NTEA president & CEO. “These new products are a testament to the Association’s ongoing commitment to helping companies engaged in the North American commercial vehicle marketplace be more successful.”

Vehicle certification
As part of an ongoing effort to support work truck industry employee education and training, NTEA developed the first Truck Equipment 201 module, with a focus on certification. Truck Equipment 201 is intended as a series of online course modules; the first includes a review of U.S., Canadian, and European Union certification processes and U.S./Canadian label requirements, as well as the influence of motor vehicle safety standards. Access is free to members; $49 for nonmembers. Details are available at ntea.com/te201.

WorkTruckCert – An NTEA & Dec-O-Art Resource is a powerful, cloud-based program designed to streamline the completion and printing of certification labels. The new system also archives vehicle records and helps companies demonstrate conformance with NHTSA-required safety standards. NTEA is collaborating with IHS Markit to enable enhanced WorkTruckCert data features — an added bonus to WorkTruckCert subscribers. Access is free to NTEA members (label stock purchase fees apply); nonmembers can purchase a subscription. Visit ntea.com/worktruckcert for more.

Other enhanced vehicle certification tools from NTEA include Commercial Vehicle Certification Guide (addresses requirements vital to conformance with NHTSA and Transport Canada regulations) and U.S./Canada Federal Lighting Guide. Find details at ntea.com/vehiclecertification.

Technical resources
The Association announced partnership with TruckScience, a global technology provider, to offer NTEA members access to an innovative weight calculator resource at a discounted subscription rate. Last year, NTEA released a Vehicle Center of Gravity & Axle Weight Calculator — a web-based, interactive tool that produces vehicle specification and weight information. It’s a free NTEA member benefit — not available for public purchase. The TruckScience application is a next-level solution for companies with more complex project needs, providing them a higher level of functionality and support. Learn more at ntea.com/truckscience.

NTEA launched a new Vehicle Life Cycle Cost Tool — designed to be flexible and user-friendly to accommodate a variety of truck life cycle analysis needs and different fleet structures. This cloud-based resource enables fleets, engineers and sales representatives to load differing depreciation methodologies (such as straight-line, accelerated and pool depreciation techniques), fuel types and regional fuel prices to fit the necessary truck or fleet analysis. Visit ntea.com/lifecycle for more.

The Rear Visibility F/CMVSS 111 Field of View Conformity Manual and Kit is another noteworthy product revised late last year. It’s designed to capture the latest regulatory information in the U.S. and Canada, including mandatory Canadian standards that take effect May 2019. Find other technical resources at ntea.com/technicalresources.

NTEA released a new edition of Truck Equipment Handbook, a comprehensive resource for commercial vehicle components and equipment. The updated version includes the latest U.S. regulations and a U.S./Canada Federal Lighting Guide, along with an expanded set of industry definitions. It also covers the vehicle certification process and regulatory standards applicable in Canada. Learn more at ntea.com/handbook.

Market data
NTEA published its seventh annual Fleet Purchasing Outlook to showcase purchasing trends for the commercial vehicle community. The insights provided by fleet professionals give the entire work truck industry perspective on anticipated purchasing intent and areas of greatest interest to fleet managers. Fleet Purchasing Outlook highlights the fleet community’s interest in vehicle technology and productivity. The 2019 report is free to NTEA members in print and digital formats; $199 for nonmembers. For details, visit ntea.com/fpo.

The Association released a new edition of its U.S. Potential Sales of Work Trucks and Truck Equipment by Geographic Market — designed to help companies determine potential product sales to 106 application (end-use) markets in all 50 states and 383 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs). In addition to market size, this resource enables you to determine market share in each location; assign sales regions; measure sales performance across time; and support market plans. The digital component of this report functions as an econometric model that can be modified to represent product markets (as opposed to the printed report which represents the entire industry). The new edition is available on Shop NTEA ($99 for Association members; $299 for nonmembers). Learn more at ntea.com/potentialsales.

NTEA’s 2019 Market Resource Guide features a detailed membership roster of more than 2,050 work truck industry companies. This directory highlights member products, cross-referenced by alphabetical order, product category and location. An exclusive 2019 industry and U.S. economic forecast is included. Find details at ntea.com/mrg.

See a full list of new offerings at ntea.com/new.