2020–2021 NTEA board election

The Association’s annual Board election will open in December 2019. For this election cycle, NTEA will be seeking candidates to fill two seats on its Board of Directors (see candidate profiles below). The openings include one seat for a Distributor or Manufacturer member, and one seat for an Associate member to serve three-year terms starting March 2020. The election process will be held electronically, with links to the online ballot emailed to Distributor and Manufacturer members in December.

NTEA is governed by its Association Bylaws under leadership of a member-elected Board. Each Director completes a three-year term, and a Board-appointed president & CEO oversees day-to-day administration of NTEA. For a list of current Directors, visit ntea.com/board.

One of the following Distributor/Manufacturer candidates will be elected.

There is no Distributor/Manufacturer class restriction as the minimum requirement of two Distributor and Manufacturer Directors each is already represented on the Board.

Manufacturer candidate

Marc Ellison
InterMotive Vehicle Controls
Auburn, California
NTEA member since 2004 

After spending a year at Macy’s management training program, Marc Ellison joined Ford Motor Company in 1986. For the next 17 years, he served in various sales and marketing field and management capacities. In 2003, he transitioned to InterMotive Vehicle Controls as vice president of sales and marketing. He became vice president of operations in 2014, before moving into his current role as director a year later. In addition, he’s vice president of sales and marketing at LGS Group Inc. — master distributor for InterMotive.

Marc earned a bachelor’s in business administration from University of Kansas and received Six Sigma certification from Ford. He volunteers at Habitat for Humanity and a local school. In addition, he’s participated in several NTEA affiliate divisions.

He’s interested in serving on the Board of Directors to actively participate in the Association’s future success. Marc envisions NTEA continuing to provide and expand on the informational tools available to members to help them grow their businesses. Beyond this, he sees the Association strengthening its efforts in Washington, DC, to bring about legislation that supports its goals.
Industry issues of greatest concern to Marc
  •  Conducting business overseas (using domestic suppliers is not always possible; working with foreign suppliers can be a challenge, especially for smaller companies).
  • Finding and retaining qualified employees.
  • Rising healthcare costs.

Distributor candidate

Rod Hill
Utility Truck Equipment Inc.
Circleville, Ohio
NTEA member since 2019

For 23 years, Rod Hill was part of the VERSALIFT/Time Manufacturing Company sales team, working with dealers across the U.S. and Canada, in addition to major customers in the telecom and electrical industries. He’s served as president of Utility Truck Equipment Inc. — a final-stage manufacturer for VERSALIFT products — for the last year.

Rod is an usher at Five Oaks Community Church and involved in Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Rod would like to join NTEA’s Board to give back to an organization that benefits the commercial vehicle industry, helping it continue to build on past achievements. He envisions the Association looking for growth opportunities and getting more involved in employee training initiatives.
Industry issues of greatest significance to Rod
  • Private equity purchases weakening product quality.
  • Customers prioritizing price over quality.
  • Preparing for the next recession.

Distributor candidate

Jason Lehman
Vice President, General Manager Truck Equipment Division
Unicell Body Company
Rochester, New York
NTEA member since 2016

Jason Lehman began his career as an elementary school teacher in 1998, holding a grade-level chair position in 1999. He transitioned to retail store manager at Storehouse Furniture in 2002. In 2006, he joined Masterack as a customer service representative. He supported the company in a variety of positions over the next decade, culminating as vice president of sales. In 2016, he became vice president/general manager at Unicell Body Company Truck Equipment Division.

Jason earned a bachelor’s in elementary education at West Virginia University. He’s very active in his community, having been a committee member for Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure and construction team leader for a mission project. Currently, he serves as a church elder.

Reasons Jason wants to join NTEA’s Board of Directors include supporting workforce development initiatives to assist those new to the commercial vehicle community. He envisions the Association continuing to provide training opportunities and share best practices. With quickly changing technology, he feels NTEA will play a vital role in helping the industry adapt.

Most pressing industry issues on his radar
  • Chassis and equipment lead-times make it difficult to provide effective customer service and forecast and manage individual business operations.
  • Consolidation puts additional stress on smaller manufacturer and distributor organizations, forcing them to rely more heavily on intangible resources to grow and prosper.
  • Talent recruitment and retention are challenging as many qualified applicants entering the workforce have little understanding of the industry.
One of the following Associate candidates will be elected.

Associate candidate

Joe Curran
National Fleet Sales Manager, U.S. & Canada
Peterbilt Motors Company
Denton, Texas
NTEA member since 1998

In 1999, Joe Curran joined the Cummins Interstate Power/Bridgeway team as sales manager, handling engine specification, drivetrain optimization, dealer training and direct sales to industrial off-highway customers. Seven years later, he transitioned to Peterbilt Motors Company, where he currently serves as national fleet sales manager for U.S. and Canada. In his position, Joe is heavily involved in the work truck industry, developing relationships with large body companies and numerous national fleets and government entities.

Joe has a bachelor’s in biology from University of Akron and a master’s in management and marketing from Wright State University. He has executive certification in leading diverse teams from Harvard University and organizational leadership from University of Notre Dame. Joe is a founding member of Peterbilt Diversity Council, a Dayton advisory board member of Ohio Diversity Council, and an active monthly donor to several charitable organizations.

Joe considers joining NTEA’s Board an opportunity to work with peers on industry issues, best practices and future technology. From his perspective, there are major shifts in how trucks are built, managed and operated, with connected trucks, electrification and regulations bringing new challenges. He envisions the Association staying on the forefront of these developments and continuing as the leading authority on how to best navigate change in the commercial vehicle community.

Industry issues of primary concern to Joe
  • Adapting to battery electric vehicles.
  • Enhancing driver/operator training.
  • Prioritizing truck and body integration and specification optimization.

Associate candidate

Drew Neubauer
Corporate Partnership Manager
Rush Enterprises / Rush Truck Centers
New Braunfels, Texas
NTEA member since 2017

Drew Neubauer began his career as special markets account manager with ESPN (Disney Corp.) where he learned the value of developing a purpose and positive corporate culture. After taking an account manager position with Rush Truck Center – Tulsa from 1998–2001, he moved on to serve as national sales manager for Falding Capital/American Cargo and as media executive at Salem Communications. In 2005, Drew returned to Rush Truck Center as general sales manager at the Austin location. He has been in his current position as corporate partnership manager since 2009.

Drew has a bachelor’s in marketing and political science from Oral Roberts University. He is an advisor to Diversity in Motorsports through Starting Grid Corp. and is active with DSYSA, a local athletic association.

He is interested in joining NTEA’s Board to serve as a voice and advocate for creating a long-term, sustainable direction. Utilizing his relationship management experience, he hopes to help develop strategic intent in a landscape of interrelated industry segments. He envisions the Association as continuing to push the boundaries with government advocacy and workforce development as well as utilizing technical resources to provide opportunities and business solutions for all members.    

Industry issues of significance to Drew
  • Recruiting skilled production candidates and utilizing technology, such as automation and robotics, in manufacturing.
  • Continuing to educate the industry on emissions and alternative fuel standards and developments.
  • Increasing the flow of supply chain communication to increase competitiveness and customer satisfaction while maintaining fiscal responsibility.