Annual Manufacturers' Shipments Survey Report

NTEA produces the Annual Manufacturers’ Shipments Survey Report — a publication that offers the work truck industry a data source to estimate market size in terms of dollars and units for 79 product lines. This tool can help you better approximate market size; learn how much the market grew (in terms of units and dollars); determine whether or not your company kept pace; and even compare your business to the industry as a whole. Survey participants receive a complimentary copy.

This resource is available in print or digital format — $299 for NTEA members and $599 for nonmembers. Order a print copy. For a PDF, contact NTEA’s team at 800-441-6832. The 2016 study can be ordered on Shop NTEA.

Participants are able to see all reported industry data, not just data for the segments in which you report. If you are interested in participating in this survey, please contact NTEA Market Data and Research Director Steve Latin-Kasper at 248-479-8193 to ensure the right personnel in your company are involved in this beneficial process.