Ways to renew membership

Thank you for your continued membership. You are a valued member of the Association and we are proud to serve as your industry resource. 

Here's how to find out if your company’s membership is ready for renewal.

  1. If your company is due for renewal, you will see a notice in red with the main member contact listed.
  2. Only main contacts can make online payments. See payment options below.

Renew affiliate division dues

  1. If you are the contact for the affiliate division(s), you will see the option to renew affiliate dues.
  2. See payment options below.

Payment options

  • Online payment (only available to main contacts).
  • ACH transfer.
  • Phone payment. 800-441-6832
  • Mail payment. If you recently made a payment or contacted NTEA regarding mailing your renewal, thank you! You'll receive a confirmation email once it has been received. Contact NTEA for mailing options or to let us know it is on its way.

We’re here to help. If you are experiencing any concerns regarding Association dues renewal, please contact us to discuss options.