F/CMVSS 111 guidance

NTEA developed the Rear Visibility F/CMVSS 111 Field of View Conformity Manual to capture the latest regulatory information in the U.S. and Canada. This edition includes conformance mandates that take effect in Canada in 2019, providing a more complete representation of field of view requirements for commercial vehicle companies in North America. Take me to F/CMVSS 111 additional resources.

Full FMVSS 111 rear visibility conformance in the U.S. — which includes requirements for field of view, image size, response time, deactivation, durability, default view and linger time — took effect May 1, 2018. This requirement is applicable to vehicles with a 10,000-pound (4,536-kilogram) gross vehicle weight rating or less. The full equivalent regulation in Canada is mandatory (as of May 2019) and includes three-wheeled vehicles.

The revised Manual can now be purchased separately or as part of a kit that includes a tarp with the necessary markings to facilitate test cylinder placement (already updated to reflect both U.S. and Canadian regulations); tape to properly mark test cylinders; and the manual for guidance in locating the camera for proper field of view. Please note: Shipping is free for the Manual only; fees apply for the kit.

Rear Visibility F/CMVSS 111 Field of View Conformity Kit ($649 NTEA member; $799 nonmember)

Rear Visibility F/CMVSS 111 Field of View Conformity Manual ($199 NTEA member, $299 nonmember)




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