Work Truck Industry Financial Benchmarking Survey

Financial benchmarking collects and analyzes information to improve business processes, including cost efficiency and increased productivity. It defines, analyzes and uses internal and external financial data to help companies become more efficient and enhance productivity.

NTEA partnered with Benchmarking Analytics to provide a Financial Benchmarking Survey available to manufacturer and distributor members. All information shared with Benchmarking Analytics is completely confidential.

Survey participants receive

  1. NTEA Financial Benchmarking Report
  2. Individual company financial performance dashboard

If you don’t have time to fill in your financial data, Benchmarking Analytics accepts responses in multiple ways. You can complete only the first few survey operating questions and submit a copy of your balance sheet and income statement along with the survey.

NTEA staff, officers, directors or committees will not have access to individual company financial data.

Please complete the survey and mail or email it no later than Sept.15, 2020 to: or Benchmarking Analytics, P.O. Box 17668, Boulder, Colorado 80308-0668, or fax (720) 890-8719.

Statement of Confidentiality