Work truck industry cybersecurity resources

As part of the North American work truck industry, you likely face many daily operational challenges, such as ensuring supply chain integrity, meeting customer demand, and reaching new markets.

The importance of cybersecurity is an issue that may not be top-of-mind. In the same way we use locks and gates to guard our physical assets, a similar mindset is needed to protect digital properties.

Cyberthreats (e.g., viruses, ransomware, phishing, etc.) are real and can have serious costs and consequences for companies of all sizes. The global average total cost of a cyber-attack is $3.86 million.

NTEA encourages all businesses to get more informed on cybersecurity and steps you may need to take. This involves much more than backing up computers and strengthening passwords. (Read more from NTEA’s North American government relations experts in an October 2021 NTEA News article.

The following government resources can help you get started.

U.S. resources

Canada resources

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