Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program faqs

What is the Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program?
NTEA, in collaboration with Lincoln Electric Company and National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3), developed the Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program to provide companies in the work truck industry with access to a consistent training curriculum they can utilize to train welders within their organization.

Why introduce a Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program?
One of the most critical issues within the work truck industry is attracting, training, and retaining employees — especially in skilled trades such as welding — due to increasingly high demand. This program was truly a collaborative effort by the entire industry. This initiative would not be possible without the effort of numerous NTEA member companies that volunteered their time and expertise to work with Lincoln Electric and NC3 to bring this program to fruition. We’re excited to introduce a work truck industry-focused program that will help organizations train and certify existing employees and develop that much-needed talent pool pipeline.

How did this program evolve?
NTEA is dedicated to identifying resources and solutions to help members address key workforce development issues. In 2019, the Association formed a working group comprised of representatives from industry companies, both manufacturers and distributors, as well as academia. Leveraging their combined insights, they provided extensive input on what a work-ready welder looks like in our industry, identifying the necessary skills, and developing parameters for a certification program to ensure a consistent training methodology utilizing world-class curriculum materials.

What organizations participated in the working group?
NTEA would like to thank the organizations that participated in the working group to develop the Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program:

  • Auto Truck Group
  • Butte College
  • Buckeye Body and Equipment
  • Deist Industries Inc.
  • EBY Truck Bodies (M.H. EBY Inc.)
  • Lee Transport Equipment Inc.
  • Riggs Industries
  • ProTech Industries
  • Truck Bodies & Equipment International Inc.
  • Transfer Flow Inc.
  • Zoresco Equipment Company
Can you tell me more about the program providers?
Lincoln Electric Educational Partner School (LEEPS) is a national program developed by The Lincoln Electric Company. National Coalition of Certification Centers is the certification and accreditation body of LEEPS. The Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program is a program within LEEPS that was conceptualized by NTEA and its industry working group.

What are the key elements of the program?
When an individual in the workplace successfully completes all required assessments and practical exercises of the Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program, they will receive a completion certificate for that phase of the program. The initial phase will include the following LEEPS elements: safety, principles of welding, and gas metal arc welding (GMAW). Each element has online summative and formative assessments as well as practical welding exercises covering 1G/2G/2F/3F/3G/4F welds. NTEA expects to expand program elements in the future featuring additional processes and advanced welding content as well as add-on training options focused on other materials, such as aluminum or stainless steel. 

What are the company requirements and costs to participate in the program?
  • Submit a program membership application and fees to NC3.
    • A company interested in participating in the Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program will begin by completing the program application and submitting it directly to NC3. The company will need to maintain an annual membership with NC3 ($5,000 per year, billed directly by NC3). If an organization has multiple locations and subsidiaries, it can either train and certify all trainers and trainees under a single NC3 membership or apply for an additional membership at a fee of $1,000 per year for each additional location or subsidiary that is formally recognized.
  • Designate at least one individual to attend the train-the-trainer program.
    • The estimated cost for this program is
      • $2,000 plus travel expenses for NTEA member company participants
      • $3,000 plus travel expenses for organizations that are not NTEA members
    • A participating company is only required to have one currently employed individual who has successfully completed the train-the-trainer program. This person may train other instructors within their own organization; however, those other instructors will be expected to attend the Lincoln Electric train-the-trainer course within three years. Companies may also work with another business or academic institution by sending a single instructor to a train-the-trainer program; however, each company must maintain its own NC3 membership.
  • Provide all necessary equipment in good working condition for program participants, including but not limited to welding equipment capable of executing short arc, spray, and pulse welds; tools (wire brush, chipping hammer, pliers, wire cutters, angle grinders or sander); appropriate material on which to weld; contact tips; and a cooling tank for welds. Companies must ensure program participants have all necessary personal protective equipment, including but not limited to steel-toed boots, welding helmet, welding hat, welding jacket, safety glasses, ear protection, and gloves. Companies also agree to provide a safe working and learning environment.
  • To help maximize program benefits, The Lincoln Electric Company and NC3 recommend participating companies have at least one trainee successfully complete the program each year, utilize Lincoln Electric welding and cutting equipment exclusively, take advantage of Lincoln Electric’s complimentary on-site “expert review” of a program participant’s welding and cutting equipment, and incorporate the Lincoln Electric VRTEX® VR Welding Simulator into the training program. Lincoln Electric will have a VRTEX VR Welding Simulator at Work Truck Week 2022 in Indianapolis for those who want to learn more. Watch for more information as we get closer to the event.

What do I need know about the train-the-trainer initiative?
The Work Truck Industry Welder Certification Program includes a train-the-trainer initiative for work truck industry companies that apply to the program. The Lincoln Electric Company will provide curriculum material and train individuals selected by their employers to become program trainers in their workplaces. Ultimately, trainers will be able to conduct the program training, testing and certification of work truck industry employees.

  • A train-the-trainer program will be offered each spring and fall beginning in 2022. These sessions will be held at the Lincoln Electric Welding Technology and Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio. All practical exercises will be conducted using low carbon steel during the train-the-trainer program. Companies that primarily use stainless steel or aluminum can have their trainees complete the same welds using those materials at their facilities.
  • Participating companies should thoughtfully consider who they select as their trainer. The trainer needs to be a proficient welder, but not necessarily their best welder. Important characteristics to consider when selecting a trainer include employees who are team players with the ability to work well with others; have an appetite for learning; are open-minded and willing to teach others; recognize the importance of patience as trainees learn at difference paces; possess basic computer skills; and are comfortable with technology. It’s important for companies to let individuals know why they have been chosen to attend the train-the-trainer program and get their buy-in to assist in the development of an internal welder training program upon returning.
  • The train-the-trainer program is focused on how to become a trainer for this program within your organization. It’s primarily classroom-based and will help ensure trainers are comfortable delivering the curriculum and using the learning management system. Each company will need to designate a campus administrator who is responsible for adding new trainees into the learning management system and organizing groups. They have the ability to see instructor progress during the train-the-trainer program and run a variety of reports. All trainers who successfully complete the train-the-trainer program will be given instructor access in the learning management system. This includes access to curriculum materials and the ability to assign different elements to their trainees.
  • Individuals attending the train-the-trainer program will need to bring a laptop or Chromebook in order to access curriculum materials and the learning management system, as well as take the required assessments.
  • NC3 will communicate with all registered participants leading up to the train-the-trainer program to ensure they have necessary information (program agenda, list of required materials, program expectations, access to the applicable websites and the learning management system, and details on any online coursework that needs to be completed prior to the start). NC3 will conduct a video call several weeks before to review program details/requirements and answer questions.
  • Following the train-the-trainer program, NC3 will provide a sample implementation plan companies can use to develop their own workplace program. Participating companies will need to ensure they have computers (desktops, laptops or Chromebooks) available for trainees to use during their in-house training program. NC3 will continue to follow up with all participants to provide support and ensure successful program implementation.
When are the train-the-trainer sessions scheduled?
A train-the-trainer program will be held at the Lincoln Electric Welding Technology and Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio each spring and fall beginning in 2022. Sign up to be notified when more details are available and registration opens.

How can my company learn more and register for this program?
Companies will apply directly with NC3. Sign up to be notified when more details are available and registration opens.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here. Can you help?
Absolutely! Contact NTEA at or 800-441-6832.