Steve Spata biography

Senior Technical Assistance Director
NTEA – The Work Truck Association
(Farmington Hills, Michigan)

Steve’s expertise on technical issues facing the work truck industry is the culmination of an automotive engineering career that spans more than three decades. He personally fields numerous member questions on a variety of regulations and standards, including motor vehicle safety standards, vehicle certification, emergency vehicle standards/specifications, weight distribution calculations, lighting requirements, chassis/body/equipment compatibility, product specifications, and more. In his role, Steve also monitors government agency rulemaking activities, reviews proposed legislation, and assists in development of educational materials and resources for the industry. He oversees and serves as liaison to four NTEA affiliate divisions.

Steve holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Lawrence Technological University (Southfield, Michigan). Before joining NTEA in 2000, his career includes work as a truck platform braking systems engineer at Bosch Group North America (Farmington Hills, Michigan); truck safety and quality program engineer/Modified Vehicle Engineering with the Ford Motor Company (Dearborn, Michigan); and metallurgical R&D/quality control engineer with Advanced Material Process Corp. (Wayne, Michigan).

Steve is a member of SAE International and serves as a liaison to the SAE Truck Crashworthiness Committee and also as a technical committee member of the National Fire Protection Association 1917 Standard for Automotive Ambulances.

248-489-8590 FAX