Propane Truck Builders Association (PTBA)

Propane Truck Builders Association (PTBA), an affiliate division since 2007, represents the propane truck builder industry. PTBA was formed to promote and serve the common interests of propane truck builders in the development and use of safe, efficient and useful propane delivery vehicles.

PTBA officers
Chair Tim Schweppe, Arrow Tank & Engineering
Vice Chair Dick Klein, Felker Truck & Equipment LLC
Treasurer Al Avram, Signature Truck Systems

Member companies

How to join
Membership is open to NTEA member companies in good standing that

  1. Are engaged in the manufacture of propane trucks and conform to the definition of cargo tank motor vehicles provided in Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations section 178.320 (as may be amended from time to time), which currently states: Cargo tank motor vehicle means a motor vehicle with one or more cargo tanks permanently attached to or forming an integral part of the motor vehicle; or
  2. Provide a product or service as a supplier to the manufacturer of such propane trucks described above.

For more information or to join, email Bob Raybuck, NTEA director of technical services.