American Institute of Service Body Manufacturers (AISBM)

AISBM ― an NTEA operating division since 1979 ― is composed of service body manufacturing firms. The group’s purpose is to maintain an effective working relationship with truck chassis manufacturers and keep the commercial vehicle industry informed on relevant engineering matters pertaining to service bodies. AISBM is dedicated to the development and marketing of safe, efficient and useful products.

Executive Committee
Justin Steele, Knapheide, 2024-2025
Vice Chair:
Kevin McGuire, Brand FX, 2024-2025
Ken Mally, RKI, 2024-2025

Helpful resources
Member companies
OEM Chassis Considerations Guide
AISBM notice on TMC recommended practice 1432
Please note, AISBM Chassis Design Considerations is no longer available; information from this publication is contained in the new OEM Chassis Considerations Guide.

How to join
Membership is open to NTEA member companies in good standing engaged in the manufacture of service, crane and utility bodies. For more information or to join, email Bob Raybuck, NTEA director of technical services.