Truck Equipment Glossary - W

Walking Beam Suspension
Term used to describe a type of tandem suspension that has equalizing beams connecting the two axles. In a parallelogram design such as this, wheels “walk” over irregularities in the road surface.
Weight Distribution
The distribution of the total gross vehicle weight imposed on the ground at each axle (measured in units of weight or as a percent of total truck weight). 
The weight of those things supported by the springs, such as frame, engine, body, payload, etc.
Wheel Arm
A device that attaches to the lift bar for engaging the tires of a towed vehicle.  
Wheel Lift
A device used for towing vehicles by lifting one end of the towed vehicle from under the tires. 
Wheel Straps
Used to tie down wheels when using wheel-lift or dolly tow equipment.  
Wheelbase (WB)
Horizontal dimension from the center line of the front axle to the center line of the rear axle on a single-rear-axle truck chassis; measured from the center line of the front axle to the center line mid-way between the axles on a tandem-rear-axle truck chassis. See Chassis Dimensions.

Housing over wheels replacing floor area to obtain lower floor loading height or lower mounting height.
Housings in body floor to allow clearance over tires.
A device for winding and unwinding a cable under power.
Working Limit
Minimum breaking strength divided by the factor of safety for cable or chain.
Truck equipped with winch or winches and boom(s) used for recovering and towing vehicles. Term may be used to also mean only the equipment not including the truck chassis. 

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