Truck Equipment Glossary - M

Maintenance Lease 
Sometimes called Fix Cost Leasing. The leasing company provides insurance and all maintenance and covers depreciation.  
Individual company engaged in the manufacturing or assembling of motor vehicles or motor vehicle equipment, including any party importing same, for resale as defined by the DOT for vehicle certification.  
Marker Lights 
Amber and red lights attached to the vehicle body which indicate overall length.  
Maximum Load 

Rating The load rating at the maximum permissible inflation pressure for that tire.  
Maximum Loaded Vehicle Weight 
The sum of curb weight, passengers, and cargo.  
Maximum Permissible Inflation Pressure 
The maximum cold inflation pressure to which a tire may be inflated.  
Maximum Rolling Grade (Gradeability) 
Greatest grade a vehicle is able to climb while under motion.  
Maximum Speed 
The speed attainable by accelerating at maximum rate from a standing start for one mile.  
Maximum Starting Grade (Gradeability) 
Greatest grade on which a vehicle is able to start from a complete stop. Approximately 9 10ths of Rolling Gradeability.  
Maximum Sustained Vehicle Speed 
Highest speed a vehicle can maintain under full load conditions on level ground.  
Monocoque Construction 
A light weight type of construction, commonly utilized in van type semitrailers, where the sides of the vehicle bear a substantial part of the load in shear which is transmitted to the upper coupler and undercarriage assemblies through side rails, crossmembers and end structures.
Mounting Devices 
Usually U bolts, tie down clamps, and or straps to secure a van body to a chassis cab. Also referred to as Mounting Brackets, Mounting Clamps, Angles, or Bars.  
Mounting Height 
Distance from top of chassis cab frame to bottom of body floor.  
Mounting Subframe 
Subframe members securely affixed to a truck chassis frame.  
Mud Flap 
Deflecting shield at rear of wheels, required by regulation. Also called Splash Guard. See Splash Guard.  
Multifunction School Activity Bus (MFSAB)
Means a school bus whose purposes do not include transporting students to and from home or school bus stops.
The process of transmitting several different signals or information streams via a single carrier. This occurs by combining the signals into one common signal that efficiently moves through the carrier.
Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle (MPV)
Means a motor vehicle with motive power, except a low-speed vehicle or trailer, designed to carry 10 persons or less which is constructed either on a truck chassis or with special features for occasional off-road operation.

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