Truck Equipment Glossary - L

LA (Load-to-Axle) 
The distance from the center of gravity (CG) of the body and or payload to the center line of the rear axle(s). See Also Chassis Dimensions 
Landing Gear
A structure used to support the front of a semitrailer when detached from a tractor.  
A financial arrangement that merely provides the vehicles; the fleet company must provide maintenance and insurance and pay for depreciation.  
Abbreviation for “Light Emitting Diode,” a semi conductor diode that converts applied voltage to light and is used in digital displays.   

A company that has obtained vehicles by leasing them.
A leasing company.  
Lift Bar 
A transverse horizontally pivoting member attached to the boom of a wheel lift or an underlift for attaching frame or wheel-lift devices. Also called Cross Bar.
Lift Gate 
See Elevating Gate. 
Lift-tow Rating 
Rating of a wrecker or recovery vehicle that gives the maximum weight of a vehicle to be towed.  
Light Bar 
An array of lamps used in accordance with local ordinances.  
Light Pylon 
Structure upon which a light and or light bar is mounted.  
Lightly Loaded Vehicle Weight 
(1) For vehicles with a GVWR of 10,000 lbs. or less, unloaded vehicle weight plus 300 lbs. (including driver and instrumentation); (2) For vehicles with a GVWR greater than 10,000 lbs., unloaded vehicle weight plus 500 lbs. (including driver and instrumentation). This weight is used for EPA testing and compliance. 
See Clearance Lights, Identification Lights and Marker Lights.
Light-truck Tire 
A tire designated by its manufacturer as primarily intended for use on lightweight trucks or multipurpose passenger vehicles.  
Load Cell 
A device used to measure a load.  
Body members attached to and running the length of an underframe. Also called Longrails, Longsills, Risers, or Stringers.  
See Longitudinal.  
Lower Rail 
Lower framing member of front, sides, and occasional rear sections of a van body.

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