Truck Equipment Glossary - I

Abbreviation for Interstate Commerce Commission, the federal agency that regulates entry, rates, services, and insurance requirements for motor carriers, railroads, bus lines, freight forwarders, brokers, and waterway operators.  
Identification Lights
Lighting cluster to indicate type of motor vehicle.

Incomplete pickup
A factory box delete — pickup truck manufactured by the OEM minus the pickup box (i.e., box-deleted chassis).

Incomplete Vehicle
An assemblage consisting, as a minimum, of frame and chassis structure, power train, steering system, suspension system, and braking system, to the extent that those systems are to be part of the completed vehicle that requires further manufacturing operations other than the addition of readily attachable components such as mirrors or tire and rim assemblies or minor finishing operations such as painting, to become a complete vehicle.
Incomplete Vehicle Manufacturer
A manufacturer that produces an incomplete vehicle (chassis) by assembling components none of which, if taken separately, constitutes an incomplete vehicle.  
Inside Height
Unobstructed inside loading height measured at the side of a van body.  
Inside Safety Release
A device mounted on the inside of a door to allow emergency exit if the door is accidentally locked from the outside.  
Inside Width
Unobstructed inside loading width of a van body.   

Insulated Van Body
A van body designed primarily for transportation of commodities at controlled temperatures. See Also Reefer  
Inter-axle Differential
Sometimes called a Torque Divider Differential, this device is located between two driving axles of a tandem axle drive truck or tractor. The power from the engine is divided between the two driving axles when this device is in the unlocked position. One axle can actually turn faster, or at a different speed, than the other, which is an advantage in certain types of truck use. This device can be locked, under which condition both axles turn at exactly the same speed, getting approximately 50% of the power to each.
Intermediate Manufacturer
A person, other than the incomplete vehicle manufacturer or the final-stage manufacturer, who performs manufacturing operations on a vehicle manufactured in two or more stages. 

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