Truck Equipment Glossary - G

Abbreviation for Gross Axle Weight Rating. The value specified by the vehicle manufacturer as the load-carrying capacity of a single axle system, as measured at the tire-ground interfaces.
Abbreviation for Gross Combination Weight Rating. Represents the entire weight of a vehicle at the ground with a trailer or trailers including vehicle, equipment, driver, fuel and payload (everything that moves with the vehicle.)
Gear Ratio
The number of revolutions a driving gear requires to turn a driven gear through one complete revolution. For a pair of gears, the ratio is found by dividing the number of teeth on the driven gear by the number of teeth on the driving gear.
Geared Speed
The theoretical vehicle speed based on engine RPM, transmission gear ratio, rear axle ratio and tire size.
Glad Hand
The air brake connector between a tractor and trailer. 
Grab Hook
Device for use with safety chains and some tow hookups. 
Ability of a truck to negotiate a given grade at a specified Gross Vehicle Weight or Gross Combination Weight.
Green Manufacturing
A method of manufacturing that minimizes the use of non-renewable energy and resources as well as reduces the production of waste and pollution.
Green Truck
Any truck that:

  • When operated, significantly reduces the production of waste, pollutants and greenhouse gases; 
  • Increases productivity, resulting in a total reduction in fuel use to accomplish a given amount of work; or 
  • Has been manufactured using green materials and processes. 
Green Truck Association (GTA)
An NTEA operating division that promotes the growing interest and demand for green products within the work truck industry. Learn more at
Abbreviation for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The maximum total allowable weight of the vehicle, cargo and passengers as measured at tire- ground interfaces, for which the vehicle is adequately rated to safely carry. It cannot exceed the sum of all gross axle weight ratings.

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