Truck Equipment Glossary - B

The distance from the foremost point on the front bumper to the center line of the front axle. See Chassis Dimensions.
A plate or shield used for deflecting, checking or regulating the flow of liquids or gases.
The cylindrical component of the hydraulic cylinder.
An electro-chemical device for storing electrical energy.
The distance from the foremost point on the front bumper to the back of the cab. See Chassis Dimensions.
Bending Moment
The force times the distance from the support to the point the force is applied causing bending.
Bevel Gear
Gear that will transmit power at an angle.
Abbreviation for Brake Horsepower. See Horsepower.
BL (Body Length)
The distance from the foremost point of the body to the rearmost point of the body. See Chassis Dimensions.
A tank vehicle accessory (that may be either tractor-mounted or trailer-mounted) used in the transfer by air of dry bulk products at pressures normally below 5 psi.
The structure or that portion of the vehicle that carries the load or cargo.
Body Extension Over Cab
A body overhang commonly found in furniture vans. Also referred to as Attic, Boot, Bullnose, Chair Deck, Peak or Poop Deck. 
Body Hinge
The attachment mechanism connecting a tilting body to the stationary frame about which the body rotates into the tilt position.
Body Subframe
Another term for Body Understructure or Mounting Subframe.
Body Understructure
Crossmembers and longitudinal members under the body floor.
Body Weight
Unmounted weight of a body with applicable options.
A Tandem Axle.
The transverse members commonly used to define the horizontal support for the diagonal braces of a vertical mast.
A member extending from a mast, base, or frame, to hold, extend or lift a load.  
Bore and Stroke Bore is the diameter of the engine cylinder. Stroke is the maximum distance the piston moves.
Brakes: Emergency
An independently actuated secondary brake system used for parking or in an emergency when the service brake is inoperative. 
Brakes: Engine
The engine's compression pressure used for retarding the truck. 
Brakes: Service
Mechanism for retarding and stopping the truck. 
Bridge Formula
A formula used by certain states to compute the maximum allowable weight for vehicles. Total weight, number of axles and location of axles are factors in this formula. 
Bumper: Dock
A bumper attached to the rearmost portion of the body (often called Platform Floor Extension). 
Bumper: DOT
A bumper designed to provide rear end protection that meets requirements of FMCS 393.86. Previously called ICC Bumper, ICC Drop Bumper or Step Bumper. 
Bumper: Step
A light truck bumper with a flat top surface to provide a step for entry into a truck body. 

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