MCSSB works with OEMs on production of safe school buses

This article was published in the January 2017 edition of NTEA News.

Manufacturers Council of Small School Buses (MCSSB) was formed 15 years ago as an NTEA affiliate division. This group comprises Type A school bus manufacturers that generally produce the smaller yellow buses constructed from cutaway-style van chassis, and white multipurpose school activity buses.

Council representatives are heavily engaged with chassis OEMs on many matters connected to the production of safe school buses. MCSSB works with manufacturers on vehicle testing and verifies conformance to all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards relevant to school buses in the process. This collaboration has enabled chassis manufacturers to develop school bus preparation packages, helping them deliver secure and dependable small school buses and school activity buses for districts and after-school care providers.

Offering safe vehicles for travels to and from school and related activities is MCSSB’s chief goal. The group also interacts with state and federal agencies on this topic, discussing revisions to existing standards and evaluating upcoming guidelines that could influence the industry.

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