NTEA fleet webinars supporter

Position your company as the official supporter of NTEA Fleet Webinars. NTEA is introducing a special fleet-focused webinar series. From June-November 2020, fleet webinars will be held once a month, in conjunction with NTEA’s monthly members-only webinars. Fleet audience is the core target, and as an Association offering, NTEA will promote the series broadly to all members and key industry segment prospects.

Webinar advertising terms and inclusions: 

  • Your company distinguished as the official supporter of NTEA Fleet Webinars for the series run, at flat net total of $5,000 ($8,000 nonmembers). 
  • Your company receives an analytical report following each webinar. 
  • Your company recognized as the official supporter with a special logo and branding. This call-out will be embedded in all fleet webinar email invites, reminders and post-event communication. Your recognition will be hosted on fleet webinar pages on ntea.com. Special acknowledgement will be given to your company during the live webinars, which may include verbal credit and thanks.
  • Optional as long as availability permits, be the official supporter of both NTEA Webinars ($12,000 members) and the Fleet series (discounted for the cross-segmented and multi-level support, $3,000 members). Total campaign for the combo is $15,000 and advertiser will receive one hosted/sponsor-designated webinar as campaign inclusion.

For more information on this placement and to reserve your exclusive spot, contact Bridget at bridget@ntea.com.