Pre-Punched Frame Hole Options on New Ford F-650/F-750

Originally published in the June 2015 edition of Tech Trends (e-newsletter and as an article within NTEA News), this article is also available to you below as an employee of an NTEA member company.

Ford recently held a measuring session for its 2016 model year F-650/F-750 medium-duty trucks in Dearborn, MI. NTEA members were able to evaluate the vehicles in preparation for their launch later this year. The new F-650/F-750 trucks are developed with all-Ford components, including engine, transmission, cab and frame.


Important Information

  • With the new model, customers can order their truck frames with holes pre-drilled/punched from the factory for equipment and body mounting applications. The hole locations are checked for existing chassis items that could be in the way, providing customers with optimal positioning recommendations.
  • This optional pre-punched hole program must be special ordered through a dealer but allows quicker installation times, as well as more specific body and equipment mounting based on customer needs and applications. 
  • The new Ford F-650/F-750 frames have been fully CAD-mapped for potential issues and interference, enabling body builders, end customers and truck dealers to customize the equipment mounting hole locations for maximum benefit.


This option will be available as production starts on the 2016 model year Ford F-650/F-750, and will change the gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWRs).

Additional information available from the NTEA

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