WorkTruckCert — A groundbreaking approach to commercial vehicle certification

By Doyle Sumrall, NTEA Managing Director

This article was published in the April 2019 edition of NTEA News.

With the recent launch of WorkTruckCert – An NTEA & Dec-O-Art Resource, it’s been exciting to see our state-of-the-art certification tool come to fruition. This solution is a powerful, cloud-based program designed to streamline the completion and printing of certification labels. It also archives vehicle records and helps companies demonstrate conformance with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-required safety standards. In addition, NTEA is collaborating with IHS Markit to enable enhanced WorkTruckCert data features — an added bonus to program subscribers.

I’ve already had a chance to speak with some NTEA members using WorkTruckCert for their certification label needs. The reaction has been universally positive.

User feedback

  • “We found it to be intuitive and simple to use, and are able to have the shop team enter the information and print the label on the shop floor.”
  • “Being able to see all our history for both locations is great. The upfit info tied to the VIN is perfect for us.”
  • “The ability to print four labels at a time is very helpful.”

I learned one company had been using a manual typewriter to create certification labels.

Upon testing WorkTruckCert and entering data for a few trucks, the business made the transition for all label creation, indicating, “We are saving time just by not having to correct a label by retyping the entire thing. Plus, the ability to look up what we did over the last week is great.”

You can get a solid overview of WorkTruckCert capabilities at We’ve added a step-by-step guide outlining how to use the program; a series of frequently asked questions; and information on a live webinar tutorial we’re conducting in May. In addition, you can access the WorkTruckCert login portal —

Account creation
In order to use WorkTruckCert, you’ll need to open a account. You’ll be asked to provide basic contact information to establish your individual profile. Next, you’ll be prompted to activate your company account and then confirm subscription details (active NTEA members have access to a free WorkTruckCert subscription; nonmembers can purchase a plan).           

I want to clarify a few setup notes specific to members. To create a company account, your NTEA main member contact must initiate or approve access. If you need to confirm your company’s main member contact, you can easily identify the right person.

  • Log in to
  • Select My Profile (located in the top blue menu navigation)
  • Click on your company link located under your name
  • Your main member contact will be listed on the right.

Account creation requires login credentials and your company’s member ID (available on your profile). Once the main member contact creates (or approves) the account, any number of users and/or co-administrators can be added. Keep in mind, though WorkTruckCert subscriptions are free to NTEA members, a valid credit card must be kept on file — enabling label stock purchases and continued program access should your company’s Association membership expire.

Using the tool
WorkTruckCert is cloud-based and, therefore, can be accessed by any device with an internet connection. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure utmost program security and data integrity. Your company’s data is not visible to other program users. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the primary tag for your data. You can add your work order number and even print it on your certification labels.           

As you enter vehicle data, you can explore available attributes. Many of the fields have tool tips with clarifying information (simply hover to view greater detail).

Some basic certification details and vocational data are required. Apart from mandatory fields, users can indicate body and major components that have been mounted to a given vehicle in a quick and consistent format, using drop-down selection boxes. Current users have requested enhancements to better define and track their activities. We’ve integrated some feedback immediately and are constantly evaluating user input for future upgrades. Program configuration allows you to customize vehicle attributes in preferred priority order and hide fields that aren’t applicable to standard operations.

When it comes to improving company records, being able to quickly see what you have upfitted and search for specific work done on unique VINs is important. Our application is designed to conveniently accommodate these needs.

WorkTruckCert users have two main print options — standard laser printer or thermal transfer printer. The standard laser route allows you to print four labels at a time. It’s easy to make any label adjustments and reprint as needed. Alternatively, the thermal transfer printer enables bulk printing. Labels can be ordered via the Shop WorkTruckCert marketplace; fulfillment is handled by Dec-O-Art.

This exciting new tool has much to offer, and we will keep you posted as enhancements are deployed. In the meantime, I encourage you to review it yourself and consider advantages for your business. Again, we have a variety of supporting resources at Contact or 800-441-6832 if you’d like to discuss the program; we’d be happy to help you get started.