Green Truck Association celebrates 10 years

This article was published in the September 2020 edition of NTEA News.

Green Truck Association (GTA), an NTEA affiliate division, is commemorating its 10th anniversary this year. Since its establishment in 2010, GTA has made significant strides in improving work truck efficiency and productivity through the development and deployment of strategies to reduce diesel and gasoline consumption.

“Many NTEA members have a commitment to sustainability, shown through 10 years of support for Green Truck Association,” said Doyle Sumrall, NTEA managing director. “GTA has led the industry on fuel use reduction, expanded awareness of alternative fuels and technologies, and educated and worked with government rulemakers and agencies.”

GTA is a voice for companies creating vocational trucks and products to help maximize fuel efficiency and mitigate environmental impacts.

“It’s amazing to see how much GTA has accomplished over the past 10 years. As far as we have come, there is no interest in letting up. We’re excited to continue our efforts toward leading the shift to a zero-emission work truck landscape for the next 10 years,” said Kevin Koester, NTEA senior director and Green Truck Association liaison.

Technical resources
GTA provides information critical to building and implementing alternative fuels and truck-based technologies at the forefront of the sustainability movement. In addition, it actively engages members in collecting drive and duty cycle data to support technology selection and deployment.

GTA monitors legislative and regulatory issues affecting design, manufacture and sale of productive and efficient vocational trucks and equipment. Through established relationships with U.S. and Canadian leaders, GTA provides insights into governmental activities and identifies funding opportunities that apply to advanced vehicle technologies and alternative fuel use.

Online resources
GTA offers resources to raise awareness of

  • OEM and industry supplier contacts and technical information
  • Publications and whitepapers
  • Green truck technologies and development
  • Market data and industry statistics
  • Legislative and regulatory updates
  • Glossary of relevant terms

Finding efficiency partners
Connecting with peers and solution providers is one of GTA’s most valued benefits. Members engage industry colleagues and learn from those who’ve succeeded. Our online member directory highlights product descriptions and contact information.

Specific technology councils operate under GTA’s umbrella to build awareness and increase knowledge of

  • Lightweight materials
  • Sustainable integration
  • Vehicle electrification

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