Featuring Western Cascade Truck Inc.

By Amy Lennex, NTEA Communications Specialist

This article was published in the October 2018 edition of NTEA News.

NTEA recently caught up with Pat Malara, president of Western Cascade Truck Inc., a distributor member since 2005. The company serves the entire Pacific Northwest (including Hawaii and Alaska) and is headquartered in Tukwila, Washington, with a second facility in Seattle. The business was founded in 1987 as a full-service repair operation for trucks, trailers and equipment.

Through the years, the team has developed its cargo tank repair and service expertise. The company is a final-stage manufacturer offering new and used equipment. Products include aviation refueling trucks, dry bulk equipment, chemical transport trailers, customized lube oil trucks, propane bobtail trucks and liquid propane gas transport trailers, petroleum pumper trucks, liquefied natural gas (LNG) trailers, United Nations (UN) portable intermodal tanks, service and crane vehicles, and third-party Base Station Pro Control 3 point of sale and electronic delivery solutions.

Located on 3 acres, Western Cascade has a 40,000-square-foot production and service facility, 4,400-square-foot office building and 35–40 employees.

The team constantly seeks new vehicle features and improvements to help reduce maintenance and simplify processes. Every unit is developed by professional staff and design-certified engineers working hand-in-hand with cargo tank manufacturers the company represents. One organizational goal is to provide facilities and experience that allow customers to keep equipment on-site and in service given substantial fuel and maintenance costs associated with running a large enterprise or operating in remote locations.

Western Cascade’s bulk lube oil delivery truck. For more company information, visit westerncascade.com.

Western Cascade takes pride in its solid 31-year reputation, built by listening to its customers, offering quality products, and advising truck and cargo tank industries. The company measures its effectiveness by customer success. Its online presence features convenient access to knowledgeable staff across multiple disciplines. The organization partners with leading manufacturers to keep customer businesses moving forward. When a customer needs to expand functionality or replace lost capacity associated with delivery equipment, Western Cascade provides guidance based on business requirements, delivering an optimal solution.

The company has been instrumental in assisting in development and delivery of the largest and most successful five-axle LNG trailers in Alaska (each trailer has a 15,000 water-gallon capacity). In addition, Western Cascade is certified as an inspection and repair facility by the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Department of Transportation (for cargo tanks and UN portable tank containers).

For more details, visit westerncascade.com, call 888-228-2658 or stop by 12065 44th Place South in Tukwila.