WTW24 product introductions

This article was published in the April 2024 edition of NTEA News.

More than 20 companies launched new products and shared news during press conferences at Work Truck Week 2024. Following are some of the commercial vehicles, bodies, equipment, accessories and programs announced at the event. To learn more, visit worktruckweek.com/recap.

Adrian Steel
Adrian Steel (Adrian, Michigan) has embarked on a journey to extend its expertise into the commercial pickup upfitting sector, with the experience and success of its history in cargo vans.

The company’s innovation-led efforts have culminated in the launch of upfitting solutions tailored to meet the diverse requirements of both commercial and fleet customers. Key components for a complete pickup truck upfit include:

  • Modular Truck Cap: The cap features an all-aluminum modular design, making it easier to ship, stock and protect from the elements. Its modular nature allows for easy replacement of individual panels, offering unparalleled flexibility and customization options.
  • Ladder Rack: The Profile Series ladder rack, introduced last year, offers versatility, ergonomics and ease of installation, ensuring ladders are transported securely and without damage.
  • Cargo Slide: With the acquisition of Extendobed in June 2023, Adrian Steel solidified its offering in cargo management. Extendobed’s EBL1272 model features 110% extension and a 1,200-pound weight capacity, accommodating unevenly distributed weight.
  • Shelving Solutions: Tailored to enhance the utility of the cargo slide and cap, Adrian Steel’s shelving solutions offer integrated and customizable storage options for tools and consumables.

Designed with intent and industry-leading lead times, Adrian Steel’s Integrated Truck Solution is underpinned by a warranty from a single company, helping ensure reliability and peace of mind for users and serving as a testament to Adrian Steel’s commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

Visit adriansteel.com for details.

APSCO introduces four new product lines
APSCO LLC (Tulsa, Oklahoma) released four new product lines — APEX, ARIS, ATAS and EDM Series, the culmination of years of development in engineering and design — while marking a game-changing moment for APSCO as it expands its footprint in multiple applications.

The new product launch is led by the innovative APEX system, a display and control system for dump trucks featuring an intuitive interface with an enhanced user experience, offering over 20 safety features aimed at alerting operators and preventing some of the most common mistakes made by inattentive and inexperienced drivers.

The ARIS-250 (which stands for APSCO Reservoir Integrated System) is APSCO’s new offering for the world of integrated reservoir systems, addressing the increasing demand in the medium-duty truck markets for
a cost-effective, electric over hydraulic option, with the important advantage of contaminant filtration, which ultimately lowers the cost of maintenance and extends vehicle life.

APSCO’s DM (Direct Mount) air actuators for directional control valves are already an industry standard, and the new EDM Series is adding to this legacy with a solution for electric over air control. The newly launched EDM Series provides a more practical control solution compatible with APSCO’s APG directional control valves. It is an alternative to complex proportional control while providing a clean and integrated solution.

The ATAS-210 is the company’s new hydraulic manifold and control system for trailing axles. The hydraulic system, coupled with a trailing axle, redistributes the payload to accommodate bridge laws across the country. Designed and supported by APSCO’s certified fluid power specialists, the ATAS-210 offers a robust, readily available, reliable alternative to other trailing axle systems.

Visit apscopower.com for details.

CTech demonstrates new Online Drawer Builder
CTech Manufacturing (Weston, Wisconsin) is a producer of aluminum carts, cabinets and drawers. With over 25 years of storage expertise, CTech is best known for introducing the original MotionLatch® drawer and door latching function. During WTW24, CTech showcased its products and shared a video demonstrating its Online Drawer Builder, a new way to quote custom drawers. This dealer platform provides:

  • Seamless 3D Asset Generation: Authorized dealers now have the power to effortlessly create detailed 3D representations of Tool Drawer Units. This feature gives customers a realistic and interactive view of the products, revolutionizing how they explore and evaluate their purchase options.
  • Customization and Personalization: The platform allows dealers to showcase the full range of customization options available for Tool Drawer Units. Customers can visualize different colors, materials and configurations, empowering them to make more informed decisions tailored to their specific needs.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: By integrating immersive 3D assets into their sales presentations, authorized dealers can elevate customer engagement and provide an unparalleled shopping experience. This streamlines the decision-making process and strengthens the relationship between dealers and their customers.
  • Efficient Workflow Integration: The platform seamlessly integrates into existing dealer workflows, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to daily operations. It is designed to be user-friendly, allowing dealers to quickly adapt and take advantage of the platform’s features.
  • Marketing and Sales Support: Dealers gain access to a suite of marketing and sales support tools, including high-quality visuals, promotional materials and interactive content. These resources are designed to boost brand visibility and drive sales for Tool Drawer Units.

Visit ctechmanufacturing.com for details.

DEL Hydraulics Inc. showcases new system for PTO applications
DEL Hydraulics Inc. (Buffalo, New York) introduced the DEL INTERLOCK SYSTEM for PTO applications, which prevents unintentional usage of a truck’s PTO system. Benefits include:

  • Tying into the truck’s four-way flasher light circuit, the PTO can only engage when the flashers are running. The patented interlock system can be retrofitted into existing setups or installed by an OEM/upfitter.
  • Reduces the risk of costly and potentially fatal bridge, overpass or signage structure damage.
  • Helps prevent early PTO and pump failure.

The DEL INTERLOCK SYSTEM for PTO applications will be available in late 2024.

Visit delhydraulics.com for details.

Drive Clean Indiana promotes GOEVIN
Drive Clean Indiana (St. John, Indiana) promoted the GOEVIN (GO Electric Vehicle Indiana) project, a collaborative, statewide initiative dedicated to advancing the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) across the state. The GOEVIN Team is composed of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), Indiana Utility Group (IUG) and Drive Clean Indiana (DCI). The project aims to raise consumer awareness of EVs by providing unbiased, educational information on the benefits of driving EVs in the Hoosier State.

Through the Indiana Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust program and as part of the GOEVIN initiative, the collaborative efforts of IDEM, DCI and IUG partners are building the foundation for the deployment of 61 direct current fast charger (DCFC) locations along Indiana’s major highway routes. GOEVIN DCFC chargers will be publicly available and located no more than one mile from highway exits. All these GOEVIN-branded fast chargers will be fully installed and operational to the public by summer 2024.

Learn more at goevin.com.

EAVX and Morgan Olson celebrate development milestone in next-generation Proxima step van with Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp.
Morgan Olson (Sturgis, Michigan) achieved another innovation milestone in developing the next-generation walk-in step van Proxima. This version of Proxima has evolved with a new, radically streamlined body design by EAVX, Morgan Olson’s sister company, as well as a business unit and the innovation hub for J.B. Poindexter & Co (JBPCO).

The next-generation step van Proxima features a number of innovative body design highlights from Morgan Olson, including:

  • Design scalability from Class 2b–5 gross vehicle weight rating
  • Purpose-built custom upfits
  • Streamlined, cost-effective integration into mixed-power fleets with platform readiness for both internal combustion and all-electric chassis
  • Utilization of lightweight, high-quality materials to lower electrical energy draw and increase EV operational range and ICE fuel economy
  • Digital integration with VX Control technology from EAVX adding connectivity, command and control capabilities
  • Vocation-specific cargo configurations as shown at WTW24 by sister business unit Masterack

In addition, Morgan Olson’s Proxima includes numerous driver-assistance and safety technologies from EAVX.

The EV and ICE versions of Proxima introduced during Work Truck Week were riding on Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) products. The EV version was powered by FCCC’s MT50e all-electric chassis, which offers a range of up to 180 miles or more on a single charge, engine power of up to 226 kWh/303 HP, a full battery charge in 3 hours, and is already in everyday use in fleets throughout North America.

Visit morganolson.com for details.

Ford Pro marks 10th anniversary of Transit van in America with upgrades to E-Transit, charging and software
Ford Pro (Dearborn, Michigan) is celebrating a decade of Transit® in-market and its 10th year of U.S. production and sales with enhancements to E-Transit™ range and new charging, software and integrated solutions, helping ease the transition to electric and maximize benefits for commercial customers.

Transit has provided customers with the power of choice across cargo, cutaway, chassis cab and passenger variants.

“We’ve assembled more than 1.2 million Transit vans in the last 10 years, and 99% of Transits are still on the road, working hard for customers today,” said Tim Baughman, Ford Pro general manager. “It’s America’s bestselling commercial van because it’s Built Ford Tough, and businesses on every streetcorner rely on Transit to keep the country moving — from plumbing to carpentry and yes, delivery, too.”

E-Transit, Transit van’s electric version and America’s bestselling electric van, has saved customers more than 3 million gallons of gas and over 25 million kilograms (kg) of carbon dioxide (CO2) output since joining the Transit family in 2022. New for 2024 model year, E-Transit adds enhanced range, dual onboard chargers and improved charge times.

The OEM announced it was extending its productivity solutions with the largest mobile service fleet of any U.S. automaker, new Series 2 charger options and home charging software to help improve fleet uptime and potentially reduce operating costs.

Ford Pro’s one-stop shop of integrated charging, software, service and financing solutions helps simplify the path to electrification and maximizes business benefits for commercial customers across all powertrains.

Visit fordpro.com for details.

GEN-Y Hitch unveils SnapLatch Coupler
GEN-Y Hitch (Nappanee, Indiana) showcased its latest breakthrough, the SnapLatch Coupler. With an emphasis on safety and durability, this coupler is poised to redefine towing standards.

The SnapLatch Coupler is engineered with state-of-the-art technology to provide safety and durability for fleet operators and contractors. Key features include:

  • Automatic Latching Mechanism: The SnapLatch Coupler offers an automatic latching mechanism, ensuring a secure connection without manual intervention, reducing the risk of human error during the coupling process. Once the trailer is disconnected, the coupler automatically resets. This allows users to effortlessly connect their trailer the next time.
  • Enhanced Durability: Crafted from high-strength materials, the coupler is built to withstand the toughest towing conditions, providing long-lasting performance and reliability. Furthermore, it’s designed and manufactured in America.
  • Visual Confirmation: The coupler includes a visual indicator that confirms a successful connection, offering an additional layer of assurance for users.
  • Adaptable Design: Designed to fit a variety of towing applications, the SnapLatch Coupler is offered in a gooseneck and a bumper style coupler.

Find additional details at genyhitch.com.

GreenPower launches new truck body business to provide one-stop shop for commercial customers
GreenPower Motor Company Inc. (Rancho Cucamonga, California) announced the launch of GP Truck Body as its new truck body entity.

GP Truck Body offers a complete line of truck bodies, including dry freight, refrigerated boxes, aluminum stakebeds, steel and aluminum flatbeds and service bodies that maximize cargo capacity and delivery range. With the launch of the company, GreenPower and its operating businesses now cover every stage of the fleet experience. Customers have one place to go for ordering, delivery, service and warranty needs.

GreenPower’s announcement of the new truck body manufacturer has been part of its long-term vision to bring together its growing business under one corporate umbrella. The company identified a growing demand among its customers for a one-stop shop that will provide tailored options for any number of body types, making the ordering process more seamless and drastically reducing the time from order to delivery.

Visit greenpowermotor.com for details.

Ketchel Axle Systems unveils eRHINO electrified axle system
Ketchel Axle Systems introduced eRHINO, a cutting-edge electrified axle system, to the commercial vehicle community.

The eRHINO electrified axle system combines power, efficiency and modularity across Class 3–8 vehicles, redefining and simplifying fleet repower and new production. It seamlessly integrates an electric motor, inverter and thermal management system into a traditional axle location. This compact design ensures optimal performance while minimizing the need for engineering changes.

OEMs can upfit existing and future chassis with eRHINO, reducing time-to-market for electrified work trucks. Production of the eRHINO axle system will commence in 2025.

For more information, visit ketchelas.com.

Legend Fleet Solutions introduces all-new retracting side step
Legend Fleet Solutions (Tillsonburg, Ontario) launched an all-new retracting side step designed to enhance mobility and accessibility for all commercial and passenger vehicles. This highly-functioning, first-of-its-kind automatic (not electric) retracting vehicle step will revolutionize the mobility and accessibility markets as well as further enhance driver safety for last-mile delivery fleet vehicles.

Plenty of access steps exist in the market, but this is the first to mechanically retract as the door opens and closes. Not only does it prevent damage to the step (standard fixed steps can crush on impact), it requires no further electricity from the vehicle (unlike electric steps), preserving EV battery range. In addition, it has been tested in the harshest winters in Europe and North America and has an extremely high grip rating.

Visit legendsoftheroad.com for details.

Lincoln Electric launches Velion™ DC fast charger
Lincoln Electric (Cleveland, Ohio) introduced the Velion DC fast charger for electric vehicles, a Level 3 DC fast charger platform that delivers fast charging speeds with unparalleled reliability for ultimate performance and uptime. Designed with industrial-grade components, Velion leverages Lincoln Electric’s more than a century of experience designing, testing and building high-quality industrial equipment that has stood the test of time, including 50+ years of experience manufacturing rugged, reliable electric power conversion systems for a wide range of harsh outdoor operating environments.

The inaugural 150kW Velion DC fast charger exceeds 75% domestic content and is engineered to exceed 97% uptime with an output of up to 1000V/150A and 500V/300A, with charging efficiency of 95%. It operates within the temperature range of –31° F to 122° F (–35° C to 50° C), delivering reliable performance in a wide range of operating conditions. It’s backed by Lincoln Electric’s multi-point service network across the United States.

Lincoln Electric also introduced the all-new Ranger® Air 260MPX™ multi-function engine drive. Available later this year, this high-performance, versatile machine is designed to prepare operators for whatever unpredictable circumstances and job demands come their way.

The Ranger Air 260MPX is many things: an air compressor, generator, battery charger, battery jump assist and multi-process welder all in one. This versatile, compact machine eliminates the need to carry numerous pieces of power equipment on a service truck. The result is a lighter payload and more space on the truck for other tools and gear.

For details, visit lincolnelectric.com.

Mack begins production of Mack® MD Electric
Mack Trucks (Greensboro, North Carolina) recently began production of its second battery-electric vehicle (BEV), the Mack® MD Electric, and delivered units to several customers, who are using the truck in a variety of applications. Mack delivered the Mack MD Electric to ABF Freight, DC Logistics, Mission Linen and Pronto Freight Ways to begin operations and testing.

“We’re thrilled that the Mack MD Electric is in full production and that customers are beginning to take delivery of the trucks,” said Jonathan Randall, president of Mack Trucks North America. “We built on the success of the diesel-powered Mack MD Series to bring an electric vehicle to the medium-duty market to help customers meet their sustainability goals with the same Mack promise of durability and reliability.”

The MD Electric complements its diesel-powered MD Series sibling, but with zero tailpipe emissions to support the company’s and customers’ long-term sustainability goals. It was during Work Truck Week 2023 that Mack first introduced the MD Electric model to the industry. Now, a year later, orders are being taken and the Mack MD Electric is in full production at Roanoke Valley Operations (RVO), in Roanoke Valley, Virginia, where the diesel-powered MD Series is also assembled.

The MD Electric is the second electric vehicle introduced by Mack Trucks to the industry. The first was the Mack LR Electric, which went into production in December 2021. The Mack MD Electric is available like its diesel counterpart in Class 6 and Class 7 ratings. The Class 6 model has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 25,995 pounds, and the Class 7 model has a GVWR of 33,000 pounds. Both models are exempt from the 12% Federal Excise Tax.

Visit macktrucks.com for details.

Miller releases new Bobcat™ 265 Air Pak™ and Trailblazer® 330 Air Pak™
Miller Electric Mfg. LLC (Appleton, Wisconsin) announced the Bobcat 265 Air Pak and Trailblazer 330 Air Pak. In addition to the Air Pak options, the Bobcat 265 is available in gas and LP models, while the Trailblazer 330 comes in gas and diesel.

Both the Bobcat 265 Air Pak and Trailblazer 330 Air Pak offer all the legendary benefits with the added advantage of an integrated industrial rotary-screw air compressor that eliminates the need for a separate compressor. These powerful all-in-one machines are lighter and smaller than previous models, offering multi-process weld quality, auxiliary power, battery charge/crank assist and, now, an air compressor — delivering all-in-one capabilities for maintenance, repair operations and field fabrication.

Both Air Pak machines allow operators to run air impact wrenches and give 100% deliverable air. The compressor produces 30 cfm of air at 100% duty cycle and delivers 80-160 psi of air with an optional storage tank for consistent airflow performance. In addition, Auto-Set™ technology makes weld parameter setup quick, easy and precise for all operators.

By eliminating the need for a separate air compressor, these all-in-one solutions can save operators and operations time, money and space.

For more information, visit millerwelds.com/legends.

Odyne Systems and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. announce agreement
Odyne Systems LLC (Pewaukee, Wisconsin) and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) (Gaffney, South Carolina) announced Odyne is now able to offer their zero-emissions export power systems directly through FCCC dealers for use on the FCCC MT50e all-electric commercial chassis. The export power system will be installed by Odyne or a Freightliner dealer before the final body installation to minimize end-customer delivery time.

The Odyne export power system, referred to as Odyne evAPU (electric vehicle auxiliary power unit), will eliminate the need for fossil fuel-powered generators on the MT50e chassis used in work truck applications. Thousands of work vehicles use generators to provide electrical power for tools and equipment at job sites, creating unnecessary harmful emissions and noise pollution. The Odyne evAPU system has a large 35 kWh grid-recharged battery system and export power inverters that provide 6 to 12 kW of AC 120V or 240V electrical power.

Visit odyne.com for details.

PALFINGER launches PAL Pro 58 Mechanics Truck and PSC 8600 TEC Service Crane
PALFINGER (Schaumburg, Illinois) introduced its latest products, the PAL Pro 58 Mechanics Truck and PSC 8600 TEC Service Crane. This launch highlights PALFINGER’s commitment to excellence and dedication to serving the North American market with unparalleled innovation.

“We are excited to launch these new solutions in North America. Our focus is on customer satisfaction and creating products tailored to address the unique demands of the region, ensuring our customers can achieve their goals with greater ease and efficiency. These new products clearly demonstrate PALFINGER’s leadership and commitment to innovation and to creating solutions that move the industry forward,” said Ismael Daneluz, PALFINGER vice president of sales & service for North and Latin America.

Optimized for Class 5 chassis applications, the PAL Pro 58 and PSC 8600 TEC Service Crane are designed to deliver extended reach, weight reduction and superior performance.

Engineered with a deep understanding of the North American market’s unique needs, PALFINGER’s latest products are developed through direct engagement with end-users, ensuring every feature addresses real-world requirements.

For more information, visit palfinger.com.

Ram launches next-generation ‘Ram Professional’ full commercial mobility solutions
Ram (Auburn Hills, Michigan) announced the new Ram Professional commercial vehicle division with full-service customer mobility and value solutions.

Operating as a new separate business unit, Ram Professional is the next generation in commercial customer vehicle ecosystems and ensures not only best-in-class commercial products, but to serve customers every step of the way from upfit and conversion needs to electrification and connected services.

At the foundation of Ram Professional is a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of small businesses, work truck fleets and buyers. Ram Professional offers a vehicle solution for every commercial customer, including the new Ram ProMaster EV, Ram 1500 REV, Ram 1500 Ramcharger, Ram Heavy Duty and Ram Chassis Cab lines.

Ram Professional is taking a 360-degree approach to ensure an all-encompassing solution for the business owner that starts with the vehicle and expands into a suite of professional services for the current and evolving professional landscape.

Ram Professional is launching in North America now with more offerings available throughout 2024.

Visit ramprofessional.com for details.

Ranger Design unveils new pick-up truck utility system
Ranger Design (Rochester, New York) showcased prototypes of its latest pick-up truck utility system during Work Truck Week. Launching through Ranger Design’s distributor network and completely manufactured in-house by the Ranger Design team, an initial product offering of rack and toolboxes is slated to be available by fall 2024. The system’s cap, touted as the only one on the market fully integrating with a heavy-duty utility rack, is scheduled for release in the first-quarter 2025, with additional products to follow later in the year.

The industry, along with Ranger Design’s key partners and distributors, was able to see the rack and toolboxes installed on a pick-up truck, along with the cap in a unique Mixed Reality experience. For this new product line, clients and partners can expect rapid lead times, reliability and customer service that has made Ranger Design a top choice for tradespeople and upfitters.

Ranger Design also continues to innovate on the van equipment side, introducing a new floor and mounting platform for BrightDrop, positioning its product line for the rapidly expanding market of electric vehicles. These new releases allow for maximized payload of EVs and customized placement of upfit product, tailored for the needs of end users and with a quicker, easier install, while offering the same heavy-duty quality and durability that has made Ranger Design’s reputation for over 35 years.

Visit rangerdesign.com for details.

REE Automotive and Knapheide debut full vehicle solution
REE Automotive Ltd. (Herzliya, Israel) featured its first demo P7-C fully by-wire chassis cab with upfitting by Knapheide (Quincy, Illinois). Knapheide upfitted the P7-C with its KUV body, known to create optimized organization for the technician by dividing the storage space into manageable compartments that are externally accessible from either side of the body. By working together, REE and Knapheide will allow fleets the flexibility they need when selecting a body for their fully by-wire electric vehicles.

“With REE’s first of its kind fully by-wire vehicle technology and Knapheide’s proven excellence with work truck bodies, we believe that REE and Knapheide will be able to provide the right body and equipment solutions for vocational fleets across North America,” said Tali Miller, chief business officer of REE Automotive. “Once upfitted, vocational fleets will be able to experience and drive REE vehicles on their routes and use it in their everyday activities. This is where we believe REE vehicles will really shine.”

“As the most popular choice in North America for work truck bodies, we are happy to work with REE and its Authorized Dealer Network to put our world class bodies on their fully-flat, full by-wire chassis,” said Chris Weiss, vice president of engineering for Knapheide. “We are committed to making the upfit process seamless for fleet owners and providing them with a tailored experience that will result in a customized vehicle solution they’re excited to drive.”

Visit ree.auto for details.

Safe Fleet discusses joining Clarience Technologies, service-centric initiatives, custom upfits
Safe Fleet (Belton, Missouri) discussed a variety of updates that include recently released products and services, and new acquisitions.

With its family of 11 commercial vehicle brands present at WTW24, their agenda covered an array of innovations from RVS, Prime Design, American Van, AMFS, Roll-Rite, Pulltarps, Randall, FRC and Labcraft. Their booth featured several custom van and work truck upfits demoing innovative solutions ranging from 360° camera systems to AI applications, shelving, partitions, lighting and tarping solutions.

Additionally, Safe Fleet introduced its latest strategic acquisition, Vango Rolling Tarp Solutions (formerly Merlot Vango), joining Roll-Rite and Pulltarps as a member of their Tarping Solutions portfolio.

The company also discussed the acquisition of Safe Fleet by Clarience Technologies (Southfield, Michigan), a global provider of visibility and safety technology solutions for transportation. Clarience recently announced it had acquired Safe Fleet, reinforcing its mission to bring total visibility to transportation by providing technologies that enhance safety, security and productivity for customers across the industry.

Visit safefleet.net for details.

The Shyft Group showcases innovation and customer-centric solutions
Leveraging a broad spectrum of advanced work truck solutions, The Shyft Group Inc. (Novi Michigan) highlighted its industry leadership and integrated brand strengths during WTW24. Showcasing the latest in innovations and customer-centric solutions, the company aims to meet the evolving needs of diverse business sectors with cutting-edge vehicle designs and functionalities.

The Shyft Group’s exhibit reflected its commitment to delivering value-driven, customer-focused work truck solutions.

  • Utilimaster: Showcasing the Rapid Driver Cooling System™ for increased driver comfort, safety and productivity with interactive display and a new model design for the Aeromaster® Walk-In Van, including rivet-less sidewalls.
  • Blue Arc EV Solutions: Highlighting the all-electric commercial-grade Blue Arc™ truck with a 200-mile plus range, leading the shift toward sustainable transportation.
  • Royal Truck Body: Featuring the new XP Service Body with endurance coating for extreme weather resilience.
  • DuraMag: Presenting the adaptable Canopy Body, designed for comprehensive fleet solutions.
  • Magnum: Showcasing the robust Commander Headache Rack, a new, versatile toolbox for enhanced storage and organization, and a new customer-centric website.
  • Builtmore: The Shyft Group’s Builtmore and Utilimaster brands introduce the Isuzu Fast Build Program to meet increasing demand for work-ready chassis and bodies. This program offers turnkey products with quick availability and competitive pricing, providing a streamlined solution for work truck needs.
  • Strobes-R-Us: Demonstrating the Work Ready Package streamlining vehicle configuration with an easy-to-install bumper-to-bumper lighting system for efficiency and customization.
  • In addition, The Shyft Group shared it was selected to join the Ford Pro™ Upfitter program, created to provide a seamless end-to-end experience for mutual customers.

Visit theshyftgroup.com for details.

Vanair unveils revolutionary Underdeck PTO Shaft-Driven ALL-IN-ONE Power System
Vanair (Michigan City, Indiana) introduced its PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck ALL-IN-ONE Power System, which redefines power accessibility for professionals and offers six forms of power, positioning it as an indispensable and versatile solution for a wide variety of work trucks and related applications.

The PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck ALL-IN-ONE Power System was designed to seamlessly integrate beneath the vehicle chassis, opening cargo space while enhancing overall efficiency. Six forms of power include a 125–185 CFM rotary screw air compressor; 10kW generator; 330A welder; 12V, 24V and optional 36V and 48V battery boosting capabilities; 12–24V and optional 36V and 48V battery charging capacity; and up to 30 GPM at 2,000 PSI of hydraulic-driven power.

With Vanair’s streamlined underdeck system, users can now replace six separate pieces of equipment, providing additional bed space, enhanced maneuverability, reduced maintenance requirements, free vehicle hitches and a weight savings of more than 2,000 pounds. The new design also uses Vanair’s new Sansgear belt drive for the hydraulic system, which is quieter and provides more torque than traditional gear-box designs.

Vanair understands the critical need for professionals to be prepared for wherever the job takes them. With its PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck Power System, jobsite personnel will be equipped with the tools needed for welding, powering essential equipment and jump-starting other vehicles.

To ensure maximum reliability and security, Vanair equips all its PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck Power Systems with the FailSafe Dual Sensory Redundancy System as a standard feature. This system guarantees an uninterrupted power supply by seamlessly switching to the backup unit in the event of a thermistor or transducer sensor failure. Furthermore, professionals can opt for the optional ThermalGuard Weather Protection Kit, a patented design that preheats the compressor oil and regulators using the vehicle’s warm engine coolant. This feature prevents oil starvation and freeze-ups during frigid conditions, further enhancing the overall system’s performance and reliability.

For more information, visit vanair.com.

Work Truck Solutions® expands platform to support heavy-duty commercial truck market
Work Truck Solutions (Chico, California) announced an expansion of its focus in the heavy-duty (HD) commercial truck market.

This strategic move includes new comprehensive resources to enhance offerings for dealerships and upfitters, and when coupled with expertise gained from more than a decade serving the commercial vehicle space, will bring additional attention to the demanding and evolving HD market.

Amidst this expansion, Work Truck Solutions announced the promotion of Geoff Shepard as the company’s new heavy-duty sales manager. Shepard, with over 20 years of automotive industry experience, including helping HD dealerships exceed sales goals and improve their advertising/merchandising efforts, holds multiple NADA Dealer Academy certifications. He is set to head the company’s focused HD growth efforts.

Work Truck Solutions is also actively engaged with key HD stakeholders to ensure platform developments and integrations meet industry-specific challenges. Integrations with HD-focused OEMs, inclusion of net-zero vehicles, and hosting a learning resource center, further exemplify the company’s commitment.

Work Truck Solutions also recognizes that the HD market includes more than trucks. As a result, trailers, which are essential to the heavy-duty transportation and logistics industries, and are highly configurable, are included in the company’s customized inventory spectrum.

Visit worktrucksolutions.com for details.

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