WTW23: That’s a wrap!

David Scheitlin
NTEA Board Chair
Director of Operations
Holman Manufacturing & Distribution
(Roanoke, Indiana)

This article was published in the April 2023 edition of NTEA News.

What a whirlwind Work Truck Week 2023 (WTW23) was for so many of us. It always impresses me seeing the commercial vehicle community in action at this event. The depth and breadth of WTW23 includes so many exhibitors showcasing their products, making news on the show floor, and connecting with current and prospective business partners on win-win opportunities.

So now that WTW23 is behind us, how can you make the most of your experience at the event?

Review materials
You likely gathered a great deal of printed and digital information at the event. While it’s fresh in your mind, compile and organize those materials and your notes so it’s helpful and usable for you. Remember, Work Truck Week and Green Truck Summit Conference Package registrants have access to many educational session recordings and other on-demand content until April 15, 2023. Just access your WTW23 Planner at wtw23.mapyourshow.com/ and select On-demand.

Make connectionsThe WTW23 networking events, educational sessions and exhibit hall offered a great platform to meet and connect with industry professionals and organizations, whether you were looking to expand your knowledge or generate business leads and solutions. Just like you did with your show materials, gather and organize those business cards so they’re easily accessible when you need them.

Make a list and create an action plan
Once again, while it’s top of mind, make a list of actionable items you can put to work now and in the future. This is your list to develop based on your needs (sales, procurement, professional/organizational collaboration, educational development, mentorship, etc.). Once drafted, narrow it down to a few of the best ideas and make them actionable with a timeline of what you want to do, how you want to do it and when.

Share knowledge
As you go through the process of organizing your materials, contacts and making your list of actionable items, it may make sense to share your learnings and experience with colleagues, team members and leadership. Whether you’re interested in boosting organizational efficiency, generating sales and supplier leads, leveraging educational insights or building relationships, you likely generated ideas that can help support company objectives.

Get social
Sharing your WTW23 experience on LinkedIn and other social media platforms may help you connect and engage with others in your professional journey. It’s good to be social.

Plan for Work Truck Week 2024
Mark your calendar for Work Truck Week 2024, March 5–8, 2024 at Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana.