Zeem Solutions orders 100 all-electric Hino 195 EV’s from SEA Electric


SEA Electric (Los Angeles, California) announced commercial electric vehicle service provider Zeem Solutions in the USA has placed an order for 100 all-electric Hino 195 EVs. 

Zeem Solutions assist fleet operators with the formulation and integration of tailored, comprehensive EV strategies to optimise operating costs when buying or leasing commercial EV’s.

The 100% electric commercial EV’s will be assembled by Fontaine Modifications and deployed in California.

“We’re excited to be adding 100 all-electric Hino 195 EV’s from SEA Electric to our fleet in order to service the California market,” said Zeem Solutions CEO Paul Gioupis.

“We are starting in our Los Angeles and Sacramento locations because we can efficiently service our trucks as well as inventory spare vehicles to lessen downtime for customers,” said Gioupis. “Once we have successfully deployed in Los Angeles and Sacramento, we will be rolling additional units out in San Francisco and San Diego.”

SEA Electric’s founder and President Tony Fairweather said, “SEA Electric is honoured to receive our first 3-digit order from Zeem Solutions, with all units to be delivered throughout 2020 starting in the first quarter.”

“Zeem Solutions are visionary in their approach to providing electric commercial vehicle offerings to their customers,” said Fairweather. “The Hino 195 EV’s will be deployed in California, a reflection on the excellent incentive program facilitated by CARB and CALSTART.”

The SEA Hino 195 EV’s are powered by the SEA-Drive® 120a power-system, offering 110 hp (80kW) continuous power, 170 hp (128 kW) maximum power and boasting a maximum torque of 1,106 lb-ft (1,500Nm). With a range of up to 200 miles, zero emissions, fewer moving parts and lower operating costs, the 100% electric medium duty trucks’ offer an innovative commercial vehicle solution for Zeem’s fleet operators.

“The all-electric vehicles will be assembled by US labour at Fontaine Modifications, with the first builds supported by SEA Electric personnel. Fontaine are the perfect upfitting partner for this product, with assembly already commenced on the first unit,” Fairweather said.

For more information, visit sea-electric.com

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