Truck-Lite launches second-generation Road Ready System


Truck-Lite Co LLC (Falconer, New York) announced the release of its second-generation Road Ready system. The latest development from Road Ready focuses on the master control unit (MCU), which effectively serves as the brains behind the system. To increase Road Ready's compatibility with even more fleets, OEMs and trailer types, the MCU is available in either solar-powered or hardwired versions.

The solar-powered MCU mounts on the front of a trailer, with the solar panel on top, providing a significantly reduced profile and lowering the clearance needed with a first-generation system.

The hardwired version allows the MCU to be wired directly to blue line power through the trailer's nosebox, which charges the battery with power from the tractor.

Each version communicates with Road Ready's wireless sensor network and features the same long-life battery, which allows for untethered trailer monitoring for up to 60 days without a charge.
"These advancements were made in order to cater to diversified fleets that utilize multiple trailer types in addition to dry vans, such as tankers, flatbeds, chassis and containers," said Rob Richard, general manager of Truck-Lite's Road Ready business division. "The modular design of today's MCU allows it to adapt to a variety of applications based on a customer's needs."

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