SuperSprings announces new SumoSprings


SuperSprings International Inc. (Carpinteria, California) introduced various new SumoSprings to support snowplow and ballast equipped quarter-ton, half-ton, and one-ton pickup truck applications. Snowplow manufacturers recommend a level truck and plow. They detail the importance of having the wings of your snowplow level with the ground, and leveling your truck by adding ballast behind the rear axle. This added weight from your plow and ballast needs added support. SumoSprings support and level your truck. The truck does not need to be lifted. Rather, the truck needs to be leveled. SumoSprings act as a secondary spring, supporting your truck’s original equipment suspension. Before winter snowfalls, make sure your truck and plow are ready to go.

"I installed SumoSprings on my Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD. After installing the SumoSprings, the truck felt and handled a lot better. I attached my plow and lifted it. Instead of having 3 1/2" of sag, it only had about a half inch! What a huge difference! Truly amazing. I would highly recommend SumoSprings," said Andy C. from Minnesota.

SumoSprings (front and rear) are available for Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, RAM, and multiple other snowplow applications.

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