Aspen Equipment partners with Groupe Bibeau


Aspen Equipment (Bloomington, Minnesota) announced a new business relationship with Groupe Bibeau Inc., manufacturer of Bibeau dump bodies. Aspen Equipment intends to stock bodies while offering complete parts, service and installation to customers. Pound for pound, Bibeau bodies represent the best the industry has to offer in their respective categories. The irrefutable reputation that the Bibeau dump bodies have gained and maintained with the “heavy hitters” in the construction/demolition segments of the industry will help Aspen Equipment to expand in these fields. Aspen’s proven design and truck layout abilities, combined with its ability to stock Bibeau® dump bodies for faster delivery, will mean a better designed product and more cost-effective deliveries.

“We are very pleased to join forces with Bibeau,” said Todd Foster, vice president of sales and marketing, Aspen Equipment. “Bibeau® is recognized by many as the most rugged line of bodies and that’s what our customers need to be competitive and profitable over the life of their investment. Aspen has been installing dump bodies for decades and we know that Bibeau bodies are able to sustain repetitive heavy use such as excavating, demolition and road construction.”

The Bibeau® BFL is the second model Aspen will stock, as it excels in versatility, due to tremendous weight savings. According to Foster, “That, paired with our engineering experience, makes collaboration with such an esteemed brand a major win for our customers. Aspen Equipment is maximizing our current relationship with the same chassis manufacturers we have been working with for years to offer customers their choice of chassis. The collaboration between Aspen Equipment and Groupe Bibeau Inc., strengthens our mutual commitment to construction contractors. If a customer buys a Bibeau® body from from Aspen Equipment, at the end of the life of the truck, he will have made the most money.

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