Vanner announces acquisition by Havis


Vanner (Hilliard, Ohio) announced its acquisition by Havis, a premier provider of innovative solutions for rugged environments. This strategic move represents an exciting new chapter for Vanner, promising enhanced capabilities and expanded reach to serve its customers better. The acquisition not only expands Vanner's footprint but also unlocks new opportunities to connect with existing and new customers alike. Leveraging Havis's extensive network of sales personnel, Vanner is poised to penetrate new markets and industries with precision-crafted power management solutions tailored to diverse needs. This strategic partnership will enable Vanner to connect with more customers, providing reliable and efficient power management solutions tailored to their needs.

"We are excited about the opportunities that our acquisition by Havis brings," said Bruce Beegle, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Vanner. “The additional resources, including expanded production capabilities and access to a vast network of sales personnel, will allow us to serve our customers better and reach new markets. We look forward to the innovative solutions and enhanced customer experiences that this partnership will bring."

Driving Innovation Through Collaborative Expertise
Vanner is eager to see the enhanced capabilities the partnership with Havis brings. With direct access to Havis's expanded production facilities and manufacturing expertise, Vanner anticipates increased efficiency and agility in meeting customer demands. The integration of Havis's in-house molding processes also opens up new avenues for innovation, allowing Vanner to tailor solutions precisely to customer needs across diverse sectors.

Leading the Charge in Vehicle Electrification
Another significant advantage of this acquisition is Vanner's contribution to Havis's advancement in the electrification of commercial vehicles. Vanner's expertise in forming partnerships to electrify commercial vehicles aligns seamlessly with Havis's forward-looking vision, positioning the company at the forefront of the evolving electric vehicle market.

"We are excited to have Vanner join the Havis family," expresses Max Rogers, Havis CEO. "This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in our dedication to pioneering solutions and solidifies our leadership in the industry. Together, we are poised to innovate, elevate customer service, and lead the way in shaping the future of power management for rugged environments."

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