Service Trucks International introduces a new body lineup


Service Trucks International (STI) has launched the next generation of Series I and Series II STI bodies. The new internal hinge is the signature element of the new era. The heavy-duty hinge is protected from the elements inside the body compartment. In conjunction with the door check, the new hinge design limits door travel and prevents damage in high wind environments. The hinges are designed to last the life of the body but are replaceable, if necessary. The doors are easily adjustable and replaceable as well. Both the Series I & II bodies are built around a completely redesigned jamb to maximize useable cabinet depth and improve door sealing.

The “plug and play” outrigger system on the Series I (2250) body is redesigned and rated to pair with the new 8.6k 8652 and 8653 Tiger Cranes. This new body is designed to accept multiple outrigger packages to best pair with any Tiger Crane from 5,000 to 8,600 pound capacity. The
Series I body packages can easily be configured to full hydraulic or an idle friendly electric crane with a secondary power source, like an Enpak®.

The larger Series II models were given a completely new look, particularly the crane tower design, to have a larger door for easier access to the storage inside the sealed crane tower. The double layer cabinet top was retained in the Series II for rigidity in customer accessory mounting, but reduced the unit weight to maximize payload capacity.

Both the Series I and Series II bodies are protected by STI’s industry leading 2yr/3yr/5yr warranty. The main goal of the new Series I 2250 body was to achieve increased compatibility with the newly released Tiger Crane models. “With the new class 6 chassis gross vehicle weight ratings, we saw an opportunity to provide our customers a crane body that will give them more range in crane model selection without sacrificing valuable payload,” said Tim Henrich, STI’s National Sales Manager.

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