One Step GPS introduces dual-facing dashcams with advanced features


One Step GPS (San Fernando, California) announced the addition of Dashcams to its product lineup. These cutting-edge dual-facing cameras offer a comprehensive solution for fleet managers to help reduce liabilities and drive down insurance costs.

Key Features of One Step GPS Dashcams
  • Dual-Facing Capability: Road-facing and Driver-facing, simultaneously recording to provide a comprehensive view of the driving experience.
  • Live Streaming and History Review: Stay connected in real-time by streaming live or easily streaming historical footage to review trip data.
  • Cloud Upload for Safety: Dashcams automatically upload clips of harsh driving events, impacts, and streaming sessions to the cloud, ensuring crucial data is securely stored and easily accessible.
  • Removable SD Card: an SD card holds a buffer of HD footage on a removable SD card, providing safe backup storage and data security.
  • GPS Tracking as Standard: Enjoy the convenience of GPS tracking as a standard all-in-one feature - no need for additional GPS devices if you have the One Step GPS dashcam.
  • Artificial Intelligence - The One Step GPS Dashcam harnesses the power of AI to detect driver cellphone use
Unrivaled Benefits of One Step GPS
  • No Contract: The company does not believe in contracts! They earn your loyalty with a high-quality product and service that treats you right.
  • Low Cost: The company provides top-tier equipment and service at a fraction of the cost of competitors.
  • Top-Tier Equipment: Their HD Dashcams are easily installed and equipped with innovative AI technology, ensuring reliability and top-notch performance.
  • In-house customer support: No outsourcing here! Their office is in San Fernando, California, where most employees are based. They take pride in handling customer service personally, effectively, and immediately.
  • Live Phone Support: Their dedicated support team prides itself on the importance of real-time assistance. They handle most support calls on the same call; if not, they keep you updated throughout the process.
  • Great Reviews: Satisfied customers have consistently praised the quality of their products and excellent customer service.

James Fish, CRO, One Step GPS said, "We tested and researched every dash camera product out there and did years of in-field testing before we were willing to start advertising this dash camera product. We are incredibly happy with the quality and customer experience we're able to provide, and I’m excited to see this roll out to our customers, new and old!”

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