Demers Ambulances introduces MMC Multiplex for enhanced performance and connectivity


Demers Ambulances (Van Wert, Ohio) eagerly brings the industry the next generation of Multiplex systems, enabling dynamic integration of the latest technological innovations for an evermore reliable, high-performance, and connected ambulance. The new MMC (Multiplex Modular Connected) provides digital controls for the ambulance, enabling EMS providers to control their working environment and comfort. The system will also allow fleet managers quick, easy access to information optimizing the maintenance and performance of deployed vehicles.

Our latest innovation ensures paramedics have complete control over all ambulance functions through a new intuitive interface, encompassing everything from lighting to Liquid Spring suspensions and suction systems. Efficiency in the field is increased through improved ergonomics with touchscreens that optimize console space and ensure intuitive access to more functionalities. The MMC Multiplex also enhances safety for the patient and EMS personnel by introducing new emergency and working light modes.

The MMC Multiplex stands out by its decentralized architecture, which reduces wiring complexity and enables vehicle payload and energy consumption. This unique design allows wireless diagnostic capability through Bluetooth connection, allowing real-time remote troubleshooting and faster service time to maximize vehicle uptime.

“The MMC is a natural evolution of the PRAN multiplexing systems that have been placed in each of the 15,000 Demers ambulances produced over the past seventeen years. Deploying this next-generation system, based on proven technology and mastered by our teams, enables us to continue to provide seamless support to our customers. Ultimately, our aftermarket Customer Care will be able to proactively engage in preventive maintenance, helping EMS services maximize ambulance availability and reduce maintenance costs,” comments Michel Pelletier, Vice-President of Operations and Engineering of Demers Ambulances.

When it comes to interconnectivity, the MMC Multiplex is a game changer, integrating with continually evolving chassis-embedded technologies and offering over 100 signals AVL-CAN interface. The importance of telematics is growing, especially when it comes to electric vehicle deployment. The ambulance's state of charge will become a crucial aspect at dispatch time. Providing a means of data-driven decision-making is vital to ensure that missions are completed safely. There is a growing number of solution providers to help ambulance services leverage the data collected by vehicles. In this fast-evolving industry, Demers Ambulances aspires to be brand agnostic to provide hardware that supports broader functionality.

"Overall, Demers stands as an enabler. We provide a platform that allows for the use of technology that goes beyond ambulance operability. We deliver to our customers a system collecting vast amounts of data intelligence that can be leveraged to optimize fleet management, fleet deployment, and asset management. Our vision is to ensure compatibility with best-in-class third-party specific hardware providers,” adds Michel Pelletier. "Ultimately, our role is to enable our customers to leverage the latest technological innovations to streamline their operations and improve patient care. MMC is a platform allowing future feature enhancements and further connectivity."

Progressive rollout of the MMC Multiplex is planned across Demers models in North American and international markets. 

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