CW Mill Equipment celebrates 50 years in 2023


CW Mill Equipment Co Inc. (Sabetha, Kansas) has been celebrating 50 years during 2023. Each product that CW has developed, manufactured, and offered for 50 years has been in large part customer-driven and is the basis for all that CW Mill Equipment does. That approach is backed with experienced staff, advanced manufacturing equipment, and will continue to provide products for years to come. CW Mill, located in Sabetha, Kansas, was incorporated in October of 1973 by founder Clyde Wenger. 

CW Mill’s products include large HogZilla® brand industrial grinding machines, high performance hammer mill cutting and grinding tools for rigid and swing hammer style grinding machines, and automotive installation kits for crankshaft-driven aftermarket accessories.

CW Mill’s automotive installation kit division serves many industries including the commercial, municipal, agricultural, and military/security utility vehicle industries through providing up-fitting components related to special use applications that require adaptation of the customer’s crankshaft driven accessories such as hydraulic pumps, cooling compressors, power generators, and power alternators. Special uses within these industries include refrigerated food transport vehicles, mechanical repair service vehicles, electrical and communication linesman utility vehicles, electrical and communication wire spool handling vehicles, agricultural feed handling vehicles, armored vehicles, automotive transport vehicles, and road maintenance vehicles.

The grinding machine and parts division also serves many industries including the commercial, municipal, agricultural, and industrial material processing industries through providing whole machines and sub-components to process most organic and some non-organic materials. Special uses within these industries include animal food processing, disaster recovery, waste volume reduction, recycled material processing, forestry product grinding, forestry derived fuel production, land clearing, utility right of way maintenance, organic composting, scrap tire grinding, and tire derived fuel production. 

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