American Power Systems Inc. develops new line of alternators


American Power Systems, Inc. (APS) developed a new series of lower turn-on RPM alternators ideal for those needing to fully charge secondary power banks in less time, even while idling.

The new 130 HPI Series was developed to have a robust lower turn-on RPM, allowing end users to begin charging even at low or idling speeds. Because they turn on faster, it also means that secondary power systems can gain a full charge in a shorter period of time than with those alternators that begin output at a higher RPM.

While some vehicles will still require a high idle in order to charge, the new alternator style also could reduce how much is needed. For example, a vehicle in need of a 48-volt alternator may still need a high-idle kit to achieve the RPM needed to charge, but by utilizing a lower turn-on RPM 48-volt alternator, it can limit how fast the engine needs to go, thereby consuming less fuel and requiring less power from the engine.

“This new line is a game changer for those needing to rapidly boost their secondary power units,” said American Power Systems, Inc. President & CEO Amy Lank. “Being able to re-charge battery banks from anywhere reduces “range anxiety” drivers feel when their batteries are low, and they aren’t near traditional charging infrastructure. It also means that those types of vehicles become more efficient because they are consuming less fuel and requiring less power from the engine to begin charging.”

The new alternators are ideal for use as a secondary alternator for vehicles with onboard lithium battery bank systems needed to power onboard equipment, including:

  • RVs and other vans, particularly those traveling shorter distances between stops or at reduced speeds in traffic.
  • Yachts and sailboats, even far from shore.
  • Work trucks with onboard equipment such as lift buckets.
  • Emergency vehicles outfitted with additional electrical equipment such as ambulances and police SUVs.
  • Vehicles performing silent watch or other data collection activities.

Get more work done while adhering to idling laws
The new 130 HPI Series also gives work vehicles operating under idling ordinances the ability to re-charge equipment quickly and stay in the field. Because anti-idling laws limit vehicles to engine idling for only a few minutes, auxiliary power units are often onboard to allow vehicles to power necessary equipment with the engine shut off. However, that continued usage drains the battery. With a lower turn-on RPM alternator, operators can re-charge their systems while idling for a short period of time, allowing them to get more work done because they can stay in the field longer.

Tested for reliability, durability and performance
Before releasing any new product to the market, APS tests it to industry standards for durability to ensure they meet our threshold for superior quality, reliability and performance. This rigorous process helps APS feel confident in their real-world performance because of how meticulous we are behind the scenes during their development. While the 130 HPI Series alternators feature enhanced output at low RPM, they still feature the same compact, lightweight design, and are tested to the same standards as our other HPI series alternators for extended service life.

“Before APS releases a product, we make sure that it’s going to perform like we say it will,” said Lank. “Our end users know our seal of approval has the highest standards behind it, which ultimately leads to a satisfied customer.”

Multiple options available
The 130 HPI Series includes 24- and 48-volt options depending on mount type (GM/92V, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, FTAN, and marine). The alternators are designed for use only with the APS-500 regulator. For mechanical and technical specifications, including output curves, please visit the product pages below:

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