Maxon Lift Corp completes construction on second manufacturing plant


Maxon Lift Corp (Santa Fe Springs, California) announced construction was completed on its new 422,000 square foot factory and Maxon has taken full possession of the building. 

“The Maxon family is investing $70 million in this plant. It’s a huge investment for us and the future of the North American transportation industry,” said Casey Lugash, member of the Office of the President. “With this factory, in addition to our existing factory, which was completed in 2008, we will have the capability to build 100% of the needs of the North American liftgate market.  This type of investment is unprecedented in our industry, and we expect it to pay dividends into the long-term future for our customers and stakeholders.”

“This factory is state-of-the-art,” said Maxine Lugash Stratton, member of the Office of the President. “We are investing in high tech machines and automation as never seen before in the North American liftgate industry.  Our production lines will be streamlined and more efficient for ‘just in time’ and ‘one piece flow’ manufacturing.  We have already hired and trained management and are rapidly staffing up to start production as quickly as possible in this new facility.” 

“The completion of this building could not come at a better time, not only for Maxon, but for the entire North American transportation industry,” said Brent Stratton, the final member of the Office of the President. “We are seeing record backlogs and lead times across the board in our industry, and Maxon is the only company in our space who has invested heavily in additional capacity.  This capacity will revolutionize the liftgate industry and make lead times a thing of the past.”

Maxon already has personnel working in the new building installing infrastructure and production lines.  Maxon is planning on producing the first liftgates in the new factory in January.  This production will not only immediately add to Maxon’s capacity, but it will take some of the pressures off the existing facility allowing Maxon to increase capacity on the West Coast.  Once the new factory is fully integrated with all the Maxon product lines, Maxon will have 800,000 square feet under roof dedicated solely to the production of liftgates for North America.  No other liftgate company in the North American market even comes close to this capability.

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