Aware Innovations partners with Ring Power Utility Equipment


Aware Innovations (Dayton, Ohio) partnered with Ring Power Utility Equipment to offer a groundbreaking product known as ItemAware to increase compliance and productivity while reducing losses.

ItemAware is a unique tool and asset tracking system that uses RFID and other technologies to tag tools or other items and pair them with a beacon location (truck, shed, jobsite, etc.). The ItemAware app is then used to see each item’s location and last-seen status in real time, while clicking on individual items gives the user a detailed history of the item including locations, manufacturer and more.

Tool loss in the utility industry is estimated at 30% annually, a value of approximately $900,000,000. ItemAware can help reduce that asset bleed by giving fleet managers more control and visibility of assets in real time.

 In addition, the detail levels of each item seen on the ItemAware app can aid in keeping safety-related gear current with inspections, an important aspect of compliance in the utility industry. Mike Beauregard, Senior Vice President and Director of Utilities, Crane and Truck at Ring Power Corporation, describes ItemAware as “technology [that] far surpasses anything major that has come to the industry in a while.

Ring Power Utility Equipment began a pilot program last year with South Florida utility contractor, Concurrent Group. Since adopting the ItemAware technology, Concurrent has seen a marked decrease in lost tool assets.

“As they move around from truck to truck, we’re able to hold those accountable that had borrowed a tool, but also reduce the amount of tools that we’re replacing,” said Steve Sarno, VP Power Delivery and Principle at Concurrent Group, “This was the first system that worked.”

With the success of the pilot program at Concurrent, Aware Innovations and Ring Power Utility Equipment have begun pilot program discussions with two other major utility contractors in the state of Florida.

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