Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc. launches 3rd generation LifeDefender™ Cabinet Security Frames


Austin Hardware & Supply, Inc. (Lee's Summit, Missouri) launched the 3rd generation of their revolutionary LifeDefender™ Cabinet Security Frames. LifeDefender customers were the primary drivers behind this latest version. Austin designers listened to customers when introducing the following additions to the revolutionary safety product:
  • An optional key locking feature is now available pre-installed for both the fixed and restocker (a.k.a. "speed-load") frames.
  • Tag brackets, an optional inventory control feature that can be pre-installed onto the frame, have been improved with more mounting options and soft, over-molded covers on exposed areas.
  • An improved easy-glide tracking system allows panels to slide more easily and consistently within frames of all sizes.
  • Panels are now removable and replaceable within the frame, even while the frame is mounted.
  • The slider handles have been redesigned smaller while maintaining the same operation and latching function. The smaller size allows the slider to open further, providing an extra inch of access space when the slider is open.
  • Hinges are now anodized aluminum to improve the appearance against the frame as well as cosmetic durability.
  • To more easily adjust a cabinet's latch clearance and door position, the hinge shims have been improved with all hole locations now slotted, allowing the shims to be added or removed between the hinge and cabinet without removing the hinge screws.
  • Frames are now available with an optional pre-installed protective film on the outer frame. The film can remain on the frame without affecting the frame function.
  • Fixed frame LifeDefender units now include a new tether system to provide an extra connection between the cabinet and frame, which is especially helpful in wooden cabinets.
  • Unframed LifeDefender doors (CW series) are now available with pre-engineered motion control options (gas springs or dampers) to move and hold the door in its open position.

LifeDefender Cabinet Security Frames are designed to provide a solution meeting SAE, CAAS GVS, and NFPA safety standards.

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